How to Setup G-Wizard Calculator

This video takes you through quick and easy setup for G-Wizard, and especially how to customize G-Wizard for your machine.

Customizing for your machine is important as it will ensure G-Wizard keeps its Feeds and Speeds recommendations within the limits of what your machine can do.

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Our next video teaches you how to solve the hardest problem there is in Feeds and Speeds, easily.  It also teaches how to get great Feeds and Speeds with the least number of keystrokes and effort of any method out there.  G-Wizard accomplishes both of these things with unique technology that came out of research on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  This is the only place you can access that technology for Feeds and Speeds.

Show me that cool Feeds and Speeds tech!

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Bonus Resources

Bonus resources help you unlock even more power from G-Wizard when you’re ready.

G-Wizard Calculator Advanced Setup

Learn how to setup:

  • Spindle Power Curves
  • Machine Rigidity Compensation:  For lightweight machines that aren’t rigid it helps to limit cutting forces with this feature.
  • Premium Coolant Options:  Through Spindle Coolant, High Pressure Coolant, and Programmable Coolant Nozzles can all make a big difference in your feeds and speeds.  Tell G-Wizard you’ve got these features and it will take advantage of them.
  • Sharing Machine Profiles, Tool Cribs, and more across machines and apps.

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