CNC Router Users

Here’s the G-Wizard Calculator Video University for CNC Router Users.  Who should take this training?

You use a CNC Router, and you want this training to be geared towards the special needs of CNC Router Users.  You’re tired of seeing things geared to traditional machining and metalwork.  You’re ready for training designed for YOUR needs.

If that’s not you, click to find the right place:

Help! I’m not a CNC Router User.

Here’s the Video Track you should follow to learn G-Wizard:

Basic Setup: Configure G-Wizard for Your Machine

Getting Started With G-Wizard Feeds & Speeds

(How to solve the hardest problem in Feeds & Speeds easily!)

Optional Bonus Lesson: Feeds and Speeds for Beginners

Getting Started with Feeds & Speeds, Part 2 [Cheat Sheet]

Use our exclusive Cheat Sheet to adjust Feeds and Speeds for your needs.

CNC Router Feeds & Speeds

What Next?


You’ve got the Basics down, and that’s a good thing.

But there’s more to learn to get the most value from G-Wizard. 

Click here to keep going:

Make me a G-Wizard Expert.

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