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Here’s the G-Wizard Calculator Video University for CNC Professionals.  What’s a CNC Professional?

You want to minimize cycle times while maximizing tool life and surface finish.  You want maximum control over everything.  You’re familiar with Feeds & Speeds terminology and you’re not afraid if things get a little complex so long as you get more power.

If that’s not you, click to find the right place:

Help! I’m not a CNC Pro.

Here’s the Video Track you should follow to learn G-Wizard Calculator:

Basic Setup: Configure G-Wizard for Your Machine

G-Wizard Calculator Advanced Setup

Learn how to setup:

  • Spindle Power Curves
  • Machine Rigidity Compensation:  For lightweight machines that aren’t rigid it helps to limit cutting forces with this feature.
  • Premium Coolant Options:  Through Spindle Coolant, High Pressure Coolant, and Programmable Coolant Nozzles can all make a big difference in your feeds and speeds.  Tell G-Wizard you’ve got these features and it will take advantage of them.
  • Sharing Machine Profiles, Tool Cribs, and more across machines and apps.

Getting Started With G-Wizard Feeds & Speeds

(How to solve the hardest problem in Feeds & Speeds easily!)

Getting Started with Feeds & Speeds, Part 2 [Cheat Sheet]

Use our exclusive Cheat Sheet to adjust Feeds and Speeds for your needs.

What Next?


You’ve got the Basics down, and that’s a good thing.

But there’s more to learn to get the most value from G-Wizard.  And, as a Pro, you want all that extra power, right?

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Make me a G-Wizard Expert.

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