CNC Router Feeds and Speeds Training

Here’s how to get Feeds and Speeds for CNC Routers:

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This video takes you through the special needs of CNC Router Feeds and Speeds.  You’ll learn:

  • How to create Machine Profiles for CNC Routers.
  • How to select Materials such as individual wood species to cut with your CNC Router.
  • How to set up for the special cutters used by CNC Routers.
  • Feeds & Speeds challenges unique to CNC Routers.
  • Vacuum Table Mini-Calc

Bonus Resources

Spoilboard Cutter Reviews:  Learn what the most popular spoilboard cutters are, how to use them, how to choose one for your router, and how to get Feeds & Speeds for them.  G-Wizard has pre-defined tool crib definitions for all of these.

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