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Version 1.700 of the G-Wizard Calculator has been released with two exciting new additions. One of the additions, highly requested by our customers and voted on through our Customer Portal feature, is the capacity to print any page from the GW Calculator. Simply right-click on your selected page to access the Print menu. This is a long-awaited feature that allows users to print out and conveniently carry to the machine information like feeds and speeds, threading details, and numerous other data.

Print any page in GW Calculator using the right click print menu…

Second, we’ve started redesigning the various pages and applets to use less screen real estate in preparation to creating a version of GWC that runs on tablets.  The very first app to get that treatment is the venerable scientific calculator.  It was the first thing I wrote when I sat down to start GW Calculator way back in late 2009, so it’s about time it had a radical face lift and some TLC.  The calculator has all the same functions (well, we added a few things like natural logarithms but didn’t take anything away), but it is laid out differently, and if you like, you can tear it off and keep it around while you use the other GW applications.  Here’s the new look:

scientific calculator

The tear off button is that little diagonal facing arrow in the title tab.  Press it to undock the calculator and press it again to redock.  It’s easy to keep the calculator handy on a larger screen in case you want to use it in conjunction with one of the other apps without having to flip back and forth.

Thanks to our customer once again for helping to guide us with the Wisdom of Crowds. 

To pick up the new release, just visit the G-Wizard Calculator Install Page.  If you’ve never tried GW Calculator, drop by and sign up for the free 30-day trial.  Over 15,000 machinists have used it so far to save time so you’ll be in good company.


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