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Tony Q.

10 July

I am understanding more about CNC in the last few days from your software than I have in the last 6 months preparing for the delivery of my new machine. For that, the cost for your software to me is worth 3 times as much as you charge.

Jason P.

20 Mar

FYI, I have used GWizard to accurately estimate and win over $20million worth of Aerospace machined parts projects – Good job Bob Warfield and thanks for making this product.

Bert L.

29 Dec

I love this product and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making it even more useful. It’s worth every penny as it is, and it only gets better and better over time!


How does the free trial work?
Fill in the form with your email and you’ll receive a free trial the includes all G-Wizard features for 30-days.
What happens at the end of my free trial?
When the trial ends, you won’t be able to access the features of G-Wizard any longer. But don’t worry, you’ll get an email reminder telling you how to purchase. Or, just come back to this page any time and click one of the “Get Started” buttons to purchase your subscription.
Are the other charges for things like updates and support?
No, everything is included in the subscription fee. We never charge for updates or support. There are no hidden charges at all for G-Wizard software.
What if I don’t like your software? Is there a Guarantee?
What happens at the end of my subscription? How do I renew?
When your subscription ends, all of the features will continue to work except there will be a limit on spindle power based on your last valid subscription. You get 2 HP (a little under 1.5 kW) for a 1 year and 5 HP for a 3 year. We call this GW Lite, and it’s perfect for educators, hobbyists, and users with smaller machines. A 2 HP spindle machine only needs a 1 year subscription to have lifetime use–there’ll be no other charges or hidden fees! Best of all, it's the SAME software--no reinstall needed when the time comes to switch to G-Wizard Lite. It's all automatic.
I don’t like subscriptions, what can I do?
It’s no problem–just purchase the lifetime version and you’ll have no more subscription worries.
Does Your Software Require an Internet Connection?
Not continuously–it needs to connect when installing and then once every 28 days after.
What are G-Wizard’s Machine Requirements?
It runs on 64-bit versions of Windows.
Can I switch plans?
Of course! You can upgrade to a longer term and receive full credit any time up to 6 months through your current subscription. After that, if you purchase one of the other plans, it’s added on to your existing plan.
What discounts are available?
Quite a few, actually. There are volume, educational, bundling, and a host of other discounts available. Visit our Cheapskate page to learn more.
I have more questions. Where can I find answers?
We’re happy to answer all your questions. Access our online chat on the product home page or send us email to sales@cnccookbook.com. We read all our emails and will get your questions answered.

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