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The newest update of G-Wizard Calculator, v2.75, now includes Cobalt Chrome in its range of Materials.

“What is Cobalt Chrome?” you might ask.  Why it’s just what the Dr ordered, almost literally.  CoCr is the common abbreviation.  There are several alloys available such as ASTM F75 or F799.  CoCr is extremely resistant to temperature, corrosion, and wear.  It is commonly used in gas turbines, dental implants, and orthopedic implants.  Here is a typical dental application:


Dental bridges and crowns machined from Cobalt Chrome…

A material with those kinds of properties is very useful, but is also expensive to manufacture and hard to machine as you could imagine.  Because of this, proper feeds and speeds are very important and G-Wizard can now handle those calculations.

We’ve had requested for CoCr for a while now, but it has taken some time to do the full analysis necessary when adding a whole new material family.  G-Wizard’s material model divides things into Families and Alloys.  It’s fast for us to add a new alloy or condition, we just need to know the hardness to accomplish it.  Adding a family is different.  Families don’t behave like each other in terms of how the feeds and speeds vary by tool type.  As a result, we have to do a lot of research to construct our models for a new Family.

Speaking of Families and Alloys, we also made a new video for our G-Wizard University series.  You can find these by going to the Help page (press the “Help” menu at the top of any CNCCookbook web page) and scrolling down.  Links by product will be listed there.

G-Wizard University is a series of short videos that make it easy for you to zero in and get a quick tutorial on some specific aspect of our software.  The one I just made is all about selecting Materials for G-Wizard Calculator.  It contains both an overview and some tips and techniques to save you some time, such as where to find the History list of materials, or how to search for a material if you don’t know where it’s listed.  Check it out:

[youtube width=”800″ height=”540″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edOOYrlFK3w[/youtube]


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