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The CNCCookbook team is thrilled because it’s a new machine day, a day always exciting for any shop. We have just unpacked our advanced pre-release version of the imminent Tormach CNC Lathe. Here are some pictures for you to check out:


This right here is BOB’s lathe!


Hang on, this is not how I remember it from Wisconsin.  Oops, it’s backwards–turn it around…


That’s how I remember it!   That fella helping me out is John Bower, the owner of Santa Cruz Electronics, our Northern California Tormach Dealer


My lathe has a roomie.  This is Santa Cruz Electronics Tormach 1100 demo unit.  The third fella is my brother Dave.  Very easy to unpack and deal with this lathe when you got 3 guys.  Honestly wouldn’t be hard to just do it alone.  A pallet jack and some crowbars are about all we used so far.

Lots more to do before I’m making chips, but I’ve got to wait for some tooling to arrive before I’ll get very far.  I’ll publish as I go, and hope to be starting work making machinist’s hammers before too long.

I want to give a special shout out to our local Tormach dealer, Santa Cruz Electronics, and John Bower, who owns SCE.  John is a heckuva nice guy who’s been helping out the DIY and Maker community for ages.  He’s not only a Tormach dealer, but he’s got a bunch of laser engravers and he can talk your ear off about guitar making as he is a luthier with a CNC Router.

It’s really neat having a machine tool dealer right down the street.  SCE is a stocking showroom dealer, so you can actually see and touch the machines and tooling.  He’s open 7 days a week too, so the next time I break my last endmill, I am hopping in the car and heading over to get a new one so I can keep machining.  If you’re in the Northern Cal area (or heck further, he’s got people visiting from other states), and you’re interested in CNC, get in touch with John.  He has a lot to offer.

John is putting on an Open House on Saturday, October 12, in Santa Cruz, California.  The event will run from noon until 4pm and include PCNC mill demos.  I’ll be there as well to meet people and enjoy the fun.  Even more importantly, they’ll also have Tormach staff available to answer any questions you may have. For advanced registration or more information about the Open House event, emailRSVP@santacruzelectronics.com.

John has some neat products he’s working on for the Tormach, and I’m hoping one or two will be shown at the Open House as well.


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