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I’ve been intending to pen another post on John Grimsmo since learning about his new partnership with Tormach. My heartiest congratulations to both parties, as I believe the union will be highly beneficial. John stands to significantly enhance his business with the superior capabilities of the Tormach machine, a big step up from the converted mill he was previously using. Meanwhile, Tormach gains an excellent representative in John, whose organic approach could essentially create a unique “Tormach Reality TV” experience.

As a serial entrepreneur myself (I’ve founded 4 companies including CNCCookbook), I always enjoy watching another entrepreneur start up a successful business.  There is a certain energy and fun about it that is just irresistable to me.  I’ve been writing about John for a little while now and he’s come a long ways in a short time.  His latest Knifemaker Tuesday Video strikes me as sort of a culmination in the sense that he has gone from making knife handles (awesome ones at that!) to making a knife he designed and is manufacturing entirely on his own called a “Norseman”.  In this video you’ll see John and his brother using their new Tormach mill along with a custom designed fixture to produce an initial run of 40 knives.  They don’t quite finish the whole run, but there’s quite a lot to be seen in the 40 minute video:

Let me just say before going further I nearly fell out of my seat when I heard John mention G-Wizard Calculator on this video and give it a great testimonial.  I met him because he was playing with the product and had questions.  I got curious about what he was doing and started watching his videos.  I often go look at what my customers are doing if they have a web presence and it is frequently really interesting stuff.  John has created a real niche for himself with these videos.  They’re just good fun and he’s got a natural talent for making them.  I fancy myself a pretty good writer and blogger, but I’ve got no sense for video at all, not to mention I’ve got what is politely referred to as more of a “radio” face than a “television” face!

John does a great job explaining everything, but what I really love about his videos is he isn’t afraid to show his mistakes.  He breaks tools and does other things and he learns from the mistake and tells you how he fixed it.  If you are trying to learn CNC, or are a beginner looking to get to the next level, learning from these mistakes is awesome.

Check out all of his videos.  You’ll learn a lot about anodizing as well as seeing the evolution of his CNC milling skills and much more.  If you ever wanted to start up a small CNC manufacturing business in your garage to make some products, John Grimsmo shows you exactly how he’s done it.  Invaluable!


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