G-Wizard Thread Calculator FAQ

G-Wizard Thread Calculator FAQ

What is G-Wizard Thread Calculator?

G-Wizard Thread Calculator is a premium (extra cost) module for G-Wizard Calculator.  It adds a number of features to the “Lite” Thread Calculator that is already in G-Wizard Calculator:

Feature Full Lite
Standard UN and ISO Threads Y Y
NPT Threads Y Y
Custom Thread Sizes via “Nom. Size” and “TPI” inputs Y N
Save all thread data to a csv file Y N
ACME Threads Y N
ISO Trapezoidal Threads Y N
BSW (Whitworth) Threads Y N
BSF (Whitworth) Threads Y N
BA (Whitworth) Threads Y N
BSPP (Whitworth) Threads Y N
UNC STI (Helicoil) Threads Y N
ISO Coarse STI (Helicoil) Threads Y N
ISO Fine STI (Helicoil) Threads Y N
Pg Conduit Threads Y N
UNJC Threads Y N
UNJF Threads Y N
UNJEF Threads Y N
ISO MJ Threads Y N

If you do a lot of work with threads, particularly less common thread types, you will want to add the GW Thread Calc module to your GW Calculator.

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