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Here’s the second installment of our 2016 CNC Control Survey Results.  In this article, I want to explore Customer Satisfaction.  Respondents were asked to report their Customer Satisfaction towards their control with the following respones:

  1. It Rocks! (Scored as 1.0)
  2. Works Fine (Scored as 0.0)
  3. Not Very Happy (Scored as -1)

A perfect score would therefore be 1.0, meaning every respondent said, “It Rocks!”

Here are the results:

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The Most Loved CNC Controls for 2016…

Here are the results:

  • Pathpilot/LinuxCNC/EMC2 took the gold crown with an amazingly high score of 0.54.  Over half the respondents told us that, “It Rocks!”.  It’s safe to say this is the most loved control among the many we surveyed.  I am not surprised to see how much share it has gained.
  • Number 2, and not far behind, was Heidenhain.
  • Siemens did extremely well, especially considering they’re #2 on market share, and ranked #3.

In the next tier down we find Haas and Yasnac almost tied.  Below that are Mazak, Fadal, and Prototrak.

Fanuc, #1 for Market Share in the High End category ranked way down 2nd from last, only beating out Fagor.  It seems that while the control is popular, it’s users are not overly fond of it.  Mach 3, the most popular among the Low End controls, also deserves mention.  At 0.26, it’s Customer Satisfaction score was OK, but not great.

Unfortunately, we did not receive enough responses to calculate a Customer Satisfaction Score for every control in the survey.  It would’ve been interesting to know, for example, how Mach 4’s Satisfaction compared to Mach 3’s.  I made the decision not to present scores for controls that had fewer than a threshold number of responses just to make sure the results had enough inputs to make them relevant.

What’s Next

This concludes the blog posts on the Survey Results, but I have quite a lot more data to present.  In particular, I want to drill down on the Top 3 things users liked most about their controls as well as the Top 3 areas they disliked the most.  Those results should provide some real color around why these various controls ranked as they did for Customer Satisfaction.  However, that’s premium content.  It will only be available if you subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

There’s actually quite a lot of interesting premium content that’s available Free to our subscribers.  I will publish the last of the CNC Control survey information as a PDF document in the premium content area as soon as I finish analyzing the data.  If you’d like to make sure you get access to it, just sign up for our weekly blog newsletter–there’s a form right down below here to enter your email.

Tell us what you think of these Customer Satisfaction results in the comments below.


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