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Here at CNCCookbook we have a unique focus: making CNC’ers more successful through real data and improved decision making.

Our software works together to create an integrated product suite that collects and optimizes your CNC Data to give you the answers you need to be more competitive, make more profit, win more deals, and make your customers happier.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of our CNC Shop Floor Suite–our Digital Manufacturing Vision:

Now here’s the real beauty: you can adopt as little or as much of the suite as you like, you can do it in any order, and you can add more modules later.

Let’s take a quick look at how Calculator and Editor can help you.

G-Wizard Calculator

Software that will make anyone a better CNC’er.


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As a CNC Pro, you have a Feeds and Speeds solution.  But not like G-Wizard.  It’s filled with exclusive features that give it power no other product on the market can compete with.  That’s why it’s the Market Leader.  These features include:

  • CADCAM Wizards:  Use machine learning algorithms from Artificial Intelligence research to rapidly determine the optimal combination of Cut Depth and Cut Width that will maximize your Material Removal Rates while preserving Tool Life.
  • Support for the premium options on your CNC Machine such as Through Spindle Coolant, High Pressure Coolant, Programmable Coolant Nozzles, and more.  Hey–you paid for those options, why use software that won’t take advantage of them?
  • A range of Special Mini-Calcs that solve specific problems such as, “How fast can I accurately interpolate this bore?”  There are Mini-Calcs for helical interpolation, ramping, surface finish vs scallop height, limiting cutting force on vacuum fixtures so small parts don’t pop off, and more.
  • Support for more kinds of cutting tools than any other feeds and speeds product including slitting saws, special CNC router cutters (downcut, compression, etc.), Chamfer, Corner Rounding, Spade Drills, Indexable Tooling and more.
  • Our exclusive Tool Family learning algorithms make it easy for you to add the manufacturer’s specs for your premium tooling without having to laboriously key in an entire table.  G-Wizard will learn from a few examples.
  • Giant Material database, plus we add new materials on request.
  • Extensive Tool Crib support so you can catalog and define exactly which tools your shop uses.

The list goes on, and it will keep growing.  G-Wizard has kept up the most active track record of innovation in the industry for years.

Now here’s a big welcome surprise:

When you purchase G-Wizard, you get the use of G-Wizard Estimator for Quoting and G-Wizard Tool Crib free of charge as long as those products are in Beta Test.  Huge bang for the buck!

Need more than one copy for your shop?  No problem, we offer deep volume discounts on more than one seat:

G-Wizard Volume Discounts

G-Wizard Calculator is your first tool to step up your CNC game, but don’t stop there.  Add G-Wizard G-Code Editor and Simulator:


G-Wizard Editor

G-Code is complicated.  Editor makes it easy.

The Editor + Simulator…

Now with free Conversational Programming.

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G-Wizard Editor is g-code editing and simulation re-imagined. As we like to say, “G-Code is complicated, G-Wizard Editor makes it easy.”

It’s got a host of ground breaking features that make it ideal for:

  • Proofing and debugging your part programs before you put them on your machine.
  • Creating powerful macros that let you do things your CAM software will never do.
  • Conversational Programming wizards to create simple g-code without the drag of a CADCAM cycle.  Just point and shoot.
  • There’s even features to help you brush up if you’re a little rusty on g-code.  GW Editor will tell you each line does in simple English using our “Hints” feature.

Want G-Wizard Calculator too?  No worries, we have special bundle pricing that makes buying them together an awesome deal:

Save On GW Calculator and Editor Bundles

Special Bonus:  G-Wizard Thread Calculator

Screw Threads are complex beasts.  They’re based on standards that run to hundreds of pages.  We depend on screw threads to be interchangeable if we follow the proper standard correctly.  The goal of a Thread Calculator is to give you comprehensive capabilities to deal with screw threads:

  • Determine Thread Dimensions such as Major Diameter, Minor Diameter, Pitch Diameter, and dozens of other variables that specify a screw thread.
  • Present values for both internal threads and external threads.
  • How to check those dimensions, for example use the “Measure Over Wires” technique or what the dimensions should be if you want to make Go/No Go Gages.
  • Tell  you what the tolerances are to keep your screw threads within spec for their Tolerance Class.
  • Calculate all of this for standard and non-standard screw thread sizes.
  • Tell you what tap drills to use for tapping internal threads.
  • Print detailed reports to be used for inspection, quality control, and documentation.
  • Handle the largest possible variety of screw thread types.

G-Wizard Thread Calculator can do all this and more.

The alternative is scouring the net, finding limited tools that only perform one task such as a thread minor diameter calculator.  Or worse, finding dozens of UN thread calculators, but not being able to find help for your important but obscure screw thread at all.

Typical software that’s available today ranges from free for relatively limited calculators to over $1000 for the most sophisticated that includes support for proprietary oilfield tapered threads.

Our G-Wizard Calculator has included a Free Thread Calculator since the beginning.  We’ll keep offering that, but we’re also adding an Advanced Thread Calculator with features and functions that rival the high-end packages at a much more reasonable price.

If you’re going to be programming a CNC for threading, you want high quality thread software at your disposal.

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