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I got a note from a machinist friend saying that he’d just gotten a used Morgan Press off eBay and had been able to get it working.  I hadn’t heard of one of these machines before, so I went and looked it up.  For the ultimate do-it-yourself or Maker small shop, this would be a cool machine to have on hand!  Imagine a tabletop small injection molding machine with some big machine automation.  Here is my friend’s machine:

Small Injection Molding Machine

Morgan Press Small Injection Molding Machine

Here is a YouTube video that shows a number of machines from a TechShop, including a Morgan Press:


The little plastic parts box that comes out of the Morgan Press looks great.

These machines are designed to make it easy to prototype injection molded parts, test molds, and even do small production runs.  It sure looks a lot more robust than the typical benchtop injection molding machines I had been seeing:

Small Injection Molding Machine

Small Injection Molding Machine from Galomb

A brand new machine like the Galomb is circa $1500-1800.  Not cheap.  These machines are somewhat specialized.  Not clear where hobby injection molding originated, but there are definitely also articles out there about building these machines.

You’ll need a CNC machine to make the molds.  Of course, a newer trend is to use a 3D printer to directly extrude plastic without need for a mold.  3D printing is a much slower process, but for the price of the simple benchtop molding machine, you can get a complete 3D printer and produce parts without stopping to make molds.


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