CNCCookbook loves to get pitches for guest posts on this site.  While we’ll always have a lot to say ourselves (hey quit chuckling out there in the audience!), we realize we’re not the only ones with something to contribute. We have a large and engaged audience of machinists from all walks who are interested in what you might have to contribute.  In fact, we’ve even created a special blog category for our Guest Posts.  And, we’ve had some wonderful guest posters including Art Fenerty, the Father of Mach3, and Robert Grzesek, founder of Grzsoftware and creator of the excellent MeshCAM 3D CAM software.  We’d like to give others the opportunity to showcase their content on the site as well.

If you’d like to send us a pitch, email it to  Since I know the way many bloggers think, I am going to set down a few guidelines that I ask you to adhere to. Failure to adhere to these will result in me rejecting your post. Also, I reserve the right to not publish a post if I do not think that the quality is up to par with the other articles on this site.


Your post MUST be around topics of interest to CNC machinists.  It can be aimed at either professional or hobby machinists.  We love to see articles that have some technique to teach or some project to do a little show and tell about.  Take a look around CNCCookbook to get an idea for what sorts of things might fly.

The content must be detailed and unique.  Guest posts should have a 1,000 word minimum and are preferably longer.  We like to go in-depth on our topics.

Obviously, if your pitch or post is really just an advertisement for your own blog or product, I will reject it. You are welcome, however, to include links back to your site or other sites provided that they add value to the article. I rarely take out links, but reserve the right to do so.  In this way, you can get value for your post in the form of traffic and recognition of your site.


I want examples of other guest posts you’ve done in the CNC space.  This space is highly technical, and the average marketing agency trying to get links for their clients frankly does a poor job.  Unless you’ve written for this space before and can send me links to some high quality content, I am unlikely to move forward with you.


  • Your post must be original content, not published elsewhere on the Internet.
  • You must not publish the content elsewhere on the Internet once it is published on my site.  Feel free to talk about your post or link to it elsewhere.
  • Please include at least one picture in your article.

Read 9 Ways to Become an Exceptional Guest Poster on ProBlogger.


I will edit your post for grammatical errors and facts. I will rarely make many changes, but if I do I will send the complete text of the post to you before it is published.


Once you have an idea and are interested, please contact me at Once I have approved of your topic, then take your time to write and make it awesome. Once I receive the full post, I will communicate with you about when it will be published.

I’m excited about seeing what people come up with!


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