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Someday I want to try my hand at making a little gas turbine (jet engine). In many ways, these are some of the most demanding machining applications you will find. They are similar to machine spindles (another demanding application) in the sense that they are rotating and require precise and durable bearings, but they are harder in the sense that they spin very very fast and involve a lot of heat as well.

There are shortcuts available, however. Rather than build a turbine from scratch, one can adapt a turbocharger from a car or truck to the application. The high heat/high rpm rotating assembly is then already taken care of. Still not an easy project, but much more doable. If nothing else, these monsters are impressive to watch. Here are a couple videos for your entertainment:


Is it just me, or do these things look like they’re ready to explode at any moment?


You don’t have to be Jay Leno to have a jet propelled motorcycle!


Bunch of Bubbas in a Garage with Beer and an Old Turbo: Git ‘er done!

(Love the red hot tailpipe and the oil so hot it is smoking: Guys says not enough fuel?!??)


Scratch built from plans…


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