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We’re delighted to share and highlight the work of our G-Wizard clients, and this contribution from MM Pictures and G-Wizard customer Precision Machinery and Tooling is truly intriguing. Modogrip is an innovative product targeted towards Indie Film Makers. One of the many challenges faced while producing a film is capturing shots that produce a feeling of being in the scene. Professional filmmakers employ a variety of intricate and costly apparatus to facilitate this. However, Modogrip resolved this by developing an accessory kit for a monopod that enables impressive functionalities. In their lexicon:

Modogrip are handles and wheel mounts that transform a monopod into a do-it-all filmmaking tool.  Allowing every videographer and filmmaker to capture steady camera shots, set up and film dolly moves in an instant and do out of this world boom shots that would normally require a jib arm/boom plus crew.  And most importantly Modogrip is an all-in-one product and portable.

Modogrip is also interesting in that it is a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is a way to raise capital via the Internet so you can bring your idea to fruition. Check out Modogrip over on the Kickstarter siteand you can see they’re in the process of raising some capital. There’s quite a few cool projects over on Kickstarter, so it’s well worth checking out.

Now back to Modogrip. There are several versions of it that you can see over on the Kickstarter page. Here are some pix of the parts and of their manufacture at Precision Machinery and Tooling:


There’s the Modogrip assembled on a monopod…

Parts for mounting on the monopod…

Parts for mounting on the monopod…

Cutting with oil works better on Precision’s mills since they’re big Milltronics without full flood enclosure…

This is their big toolroom-style CNC lathe…

Tumbler finishing parts

Tumbling parts for finish…

Peter Tsukamoto runs Precision, and he and I have shared many a long online conversation about one thing or another. Thanks a lot guys for the great story of Modogrip!


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