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From time to time, we all update our PCs, either due to the availability of a superior model or out of necessity due to issues such as a hard disk crash. However, this process inevitably leads to the chore of reinstalling all your software.

To help make this process easier, I do a couple of things for my own PC’s.  First is I keep a log that lists every piece of software I have installed.  It’s just an Excel spreadsheet, and there’s not much more in it than that.  But, it’s great to be able to refer to it when configuring the new machine so I don’t forget to install something.  Second, I keep a folder on the machine called “CustPC” (for Custom PC).  It contains any downloaded files I need to reinstall.  Drivers files, downloaded software installers, and so forth are all there.  With these two resources available, bringing up a new machine usually goes pretty fast.

If you need to install our G-Wizard software on a new machine, it’s very easy.  First, you’ll need to download the latest versions.  You can always find them on our Help page.  Just click the “Help” menu at the top of any CNCCookbook page to go there.  The install links are mentioned in the FAQ section at the top.  Once you’ve downloaded the software, just run it to install.  After that, you can login with the email you used to register.  No dongles or license keys are needed–we like to keep things simple.

While I’m on the subject, a lot of folks mention they use 2 computers–often a high powered workstation that stays put and a laptop of some kind that moves around.  We support that too–once you purchase our software you’re allowed to install it on 2 machines.


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