Thank you for purchasing our CNCCookbook Software!

Our servers are processing your order, which can take a little time. There’s also a manual step, so keep in mind we’re on Pacific Time here at CNCCookbook. When your order has been processed and your subscription is activated you’ll receive an email telling you the order has been fulfilled. You’ve probably already received another email confirming the order, so there will be two emails before activation.

You can get started installing the software in the meanwhile. You can always find the download links near the top of the Help Desk page, which is accessed by clicking the “Help” menu at the top of any CNCCookbook page.

Take me to download links

If you purchased MeshCAM or Gearotic, you’ll receive a special email with your license keys and installation instructions. The G-Wizard software doesn’t require any keys. Just download, run the download to install, and login with the email you used to purchase. Assuming the servers have finished processing your order, that’s all there is to it.

One thing to do if you haven’t already is sign up for the Free Trial of the product you’ve just purchased. What? Why would I need a Free Trial of a product I already own?

Several good things come of it:

– You get on the mailing list and will receive links to some great articles to help you get more out of G-Wizard.

– I always announce new releases and their features on the blog, and you’ll get those notices too in a once a week blog digest.

– You get the 30 days. It probably doesn’t matter to you, but hey, it does get added on.

Once you get installed, start it up and login with your email. Once logged in, just click the “Getting Started” button at the top and it’ll open a page that has all sorts of extra helpful information for you to get you started.


Bob Warfield

Founder, CEO, and Chief Broom Pusher


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