What if watchmakers made small model engines instead of watches?  The end result would have to be very much like the miniature engines made by Spanish machinist José Manuel Hermo Barreiro.  There are multiple designs–V-12, W-32, and this W-18–and each one is a work of art.  They’re all powered by compressed air, and so are not true internal combustion engines.  But no matter, they run so smoothly you can balance a coin on its edge on their engine blocks as they are running.  What beauties!

This engine is made entirely with a lathe, drill press, grinder, and some hand tools.  There are numerous fixtures, jigs, and techniques needed to get it done, and there is no CNC and no Milling Machine either!

Here is the first video in an 8-part series on making the W-18:

Lots of lathe work to make the crankshaft and engine block for the W-18…

Video Part 2:  Cylinder Heads and Rocker Arm Supports

Video Part 3:  Rocker Arms, Intake, and Exhaust Manifolds

Video Part 4:  Camshafts, Gears, and Distribution Cover

Video Part 5:  Connecting Rods

Video Part 6:  Pistons, Manifold Adjustment, Air Filter, and Air Injectors

Video Part 7:  Ducted Fans, Valves, and Springs

Video Part 8: Final Assembly and Running of the W-18:

If you loved these little engines as I do, hop over to this craftsman’s Facebook page and give him a like.


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