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3D Printer in a Case?  Perfect decor for your Man Cave…

When I saw this 3D Printer cabinet posted by lsloth over on Reddit I just had to share it here.  Not only is it extremely cool, but it houses a Rostock 3D Printer just like the one CNCCookbook owns.  The Rostock has served us well, and a nice home like this cabinet would be ideal for it.  Right now it sits at the end of the two long tables I use as a desk, serenading me with that stepper motor music we all know and love as I work and it prints.  Having a nice cabinet would be just the thing for the perfect Man Cave (check that link for the CNCCookbook Man Cave Pinterest gallery some time).

Here’s the case in all its glory:


Gorgeous case stands in the corner.  The stain hasn’t been applied yet in this photo…


Glue sticks, indicator for bed leveling, and more accessories ready to go in the drawer…


Storage for lots of filament underneath.

There’s still some finishing touches to be done.  The case needs to be stained and finished and there are some other touches coming.  Hopefully we’ll get updated pictures as they’re available!  Meanwhile, check out the Reddit post and upvote this neat project.


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