Dropbox: Awesome File Sharing Tool for Multiple PC’s

3 months by cncdivi

I wanted to pass along a quick note about Dropbox, a piece of software I’ve really become dependent on. It’s purpose is to create a folder on all of your machines that in reality exists in the “Cloud” so that it is really easy to share files between machines by copying them to the Dropbox folder.

I have a ton of machines that I use throughout the day–2 different laptops, a desktop, a machine in the shop, an iPad, and an iPhone. Being able to get at the same file in its latest version from all of these different machines no matter where I am is really handy. I haven’t gotten this far with it yet, but you can also use Dropbox to share files with friends and coworkers–the access is up to you.

There is a lot to like about Dropbox. For example, if your machine is not connected to the Internet, you can still access versions of all the files–they’ll simply be whatever was there the last time you connected. That’s pretty handy too. The files are encrypted and communication is via SSL (so no listening in on the connection), so it is pretty secure. In fact, I use Dropbox in connection with another piece of software called 1Password to keep track of passwords and make it easy to use a different password everywhere so that if one service is hacked, my other passwords stay secure.

Best of all, Dropbox is essentially free up to 2GB of data. They charge you when you need more data.

If you’d like to checkout Dropbox, here is a link.

Full disclosure: they give me more storage if you use that link and then sign up. But, they also give you more storage than the default so it’s a deal for both of us.

If you’d rather I didn’t get the extra storage, use this link instead. If you sign up, they’ll give you a link where you can get free storage for referrals too.

Whichever link you choose, check it out. It’s free and it’s pretty darned handy!


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