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April 2010 – May 2010

Finally, a New G-Wizard Release

Kurt Vises for Sheet Metal Bending (aka Way Covers)

Cutting Oiling Grooves When You Don’t Have a Second Mill

4th Axis Disk Brake

Machine Tuning as Preventative Maintenance

Sandvik Metal Cutting Course

Interpolated Holes Not Round!

Dave DeCaussin is Still At It

Shopmade CNC Press Brake

The Little Things Can Sure Slow You Down

Mill a Strip of Parts in a Vise

How Much Torque on a Kurt Vise?

CNC Cookbook is Gradually Coming Back to Life

February 2010 – March 2010

Neat Little CNC Toolroom Lathe: Harrison Alpha

Did a Little Work on the Bandsaw Miter Gage Project

Nice German BF20 CNC Conversion

The World Before DRO’s

Rigging: Moving the Mountain to Mohammed

New Project: A Miter Gage for the 20″ Rockwell Delta Bandsaw

Tapping Tidbits: Limit for Form Taps + Peck Tapping + Thread Mill When Risk is High

Die “Traminator” and Spindle Squeegee

Better Vise Mounting Clamps

First Chips from Rockwell Delta Bandsaw

Quick, What Hole Size for a Reamer?

Fastest Way to Center a 4-Jaw, By David Lemereis

Brian Rupnow Shows How to Turn Tapers With a Boring Head in Your Tailstock

Feeds and Speeds for Micro-Machining with G-Wizard

Homann ModIO Pendant Kit for the IH CNC Mill

G-Wizard Gets a Tool Crib

Flycutters Can Give Better Finish than Face Mills, But Why?

How Much Feed is Too Little Feed?

Try a Corncob Rougher to Stop Chatter

Making Cool Fasteners

Armadillo Way Covers

Cutting Steel on a Sieg X2

Finished Making the Vise Jaws of “Doom”

Making Some New Way Covers for My IH CNC Mill

Hoss Uses Slot Pins for Big Jobs

Programming a Higbee Thread

Cool Plasma Table Work from Algeria

November 2009 – January 2010

Parkerizing in a Small Shop

Rigid Tapping Example for G-Wizard from CNCZone

Stallion Trunnions for 4th Axis Work

A Fair Bit of G-Wizard New Functionality and a Sneak Peak at the G-Wizard G-Code Editor

Congratulations to Tormach on the New PCNC 770

Collet Rack Eye Candy

Started a New 4th Axis Page

A Vacuum Table from ZealCNC

Sweet Lil 4th Axis

Austin Barnett’s Killer Car Badges

Some Neat Little Setups for a Steam Engine Project

Speeds and Feeds for HSS Reamers

Tooling Plate on a Tormach

Nice Tooling Drawer

Mini-Mill Comparison + 5-Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder

Micro-Miniature Tormach Tooling System

A Drillpress Table Lift

The Ultimate Gang Lathe?

Gorgeous NEMA23 Stepper Motor Back Covers

Hoss Machine Has a Nice Rack

Scraping Video

Shopmade Motor Couplers

Vise Pallets

Swing Threading Toolholder and other Threading Aids for Manual Lathes

Jared’s Cube: Baffling and Beautiful

Spectacular Tormach Flood Enclosure

Some Vibratory Polishing Tests…

Amazing Shopmade Plasma Table

A Gantry Mill From Two Column Mills?

Separating Chips from Coolant in a Shopmade Enclosure

Blast Cabinet Tweaks

The Devilmaster Redux: Gorgeous CNC Router

The Master Jaw System: Turn Your 3-Jaw Chuck Into a 5C Collet Chuck

Make It Easier Changing Pulleys for Machine Speed With a Bicycle Chain

G-Wizard Calls Those Speeds and Feeds Pretty Close!

Geof’s Excellent Collet Chuck Alternative

Going to Try Some Vibratory Polishing

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Additions to Toolpost Grinder Idea Notebook

What does a first-time Mill user need?

Must We Have a Burr When Drilling?

Another Shop for the Hall of Fame

Expanding Studs for Fixturing

Glacern Machine Tool: Great Tools for Less, Crash Course in Milling Videos

New Chip Thinning Cookbook

Auto-Mill: Use Mach 3 as a Power Feed

Tapping With Ye Olde Butterfly Impact Wrench

CNCCookbook Gets a New Bandsaw

Chip Thinning: Cutting Steel at 35 IPM With HSS on Bechtop Mill

Finished a New Coolant Mister Last Weekend

Mitutoyo 190: Swiss Army Knife of Calipers?

Glenn Wegman’s Indicator Holder

How Accurate is Your Co-Axial Indicator?

CubeStudio’s Ridiculously Cool 4th Axis/Lathe

How Many Plates, Er CNC Machines, Can You Keep Running at the Same Time?

Single-Edged Razor Blade Line Pivot

Nice Rigidity Bump Up for Small Sieg Mills

The Case for Parabolic Drills and Some New G-Wizard Functionality

More Clamping Tricks

August – October 2009

No Trick, Here’s a Treat: Bandsaw Vise Trick

New High Speed Spindle Ideas

Coolant Collar Idea Notebook

Sturz Milling and Other High Tech Milling Tricks

Star Trek in the Machine Shop: Tricorder or Phaser?

Servo Drive Reviews and a Big Drive for Your Spindle

Chuck-In-A-Vise and Other Wisdom of the Widgitmaster

Milling Quite a Compound Angle

Organize Your Lathe Tooling: New Idea Notebook

Widget Squares a Block (And Builds a Cool CNC Router)

Check Out Glacern

Clever Shopmade Bore Measuring Tools

Offset Relative to the Machine, Not the Part

I’ve Been Busy!

A Poor Man’s QCTP Dovetails

February – July 2009

First There Was “Mini-Me”. Now, Say Hello to “Mini-Haas”. Guldberg’s KX-3 Enclosure and Slant Bed Lathe Projects

More Notes on Indexable Tooling

R8 Tooling Rack Completed

Turner’s Cube

Tooling Rack Underway. Soon, I’ll Have a “Manual-Automatic” Toolchanger!

APET is to APKT as CCGT is to CCMT: Sharp Milling Inserts for Aluminum

Crazy Trochoidal Toolpath Lets Router Cut Steel at 120 IPM

Idea Notebooks: A New Page Type for CNCCookbook

Squaring Your Mill Column

Even More Fun Stuff: Ballscrew Mapping With a DRO

Cutter Engagement: What It Is And Why It Matters

Engraver’s Vise is Slick

Indi-Calipers or Dial-Test-Calipers for Measuring Bores

Videos Page: 2 New Videos Making DRO Bracket

Personalizing my Mach3 Screenset for the Mill

R8 Toolholder Repeatability and Automatic Toolchangers

Hypocycloid Reducers

Axis Faulting? Try Some Way Oil…

A Video of My IH CNC Mill Surfacing Some 6061 With a 5/8″ Helimill

A Vise Tramming Aid for your Milling Machine

Mikini: Another Little CNC Mill

Sieg’s “Mini-Tormach” CNC Mill: The KX-3

Nifty Chip and Splashguard I Just Ordered

CNCZone Thread on Engraving Fonts

Ray Livingston’s Preloaded Ballnuts

Conventional Milling for Accuracy, Climb Milling for Surface Finish

Adventures in Vibratory Deburring

Thoughts on Preloading Ballnuts

Hossmachine’s Amazing Sieg X2 Vertical Machining Center

Tumbler Media and Nice Experience with Granger’s

First CNC’d Parts + Watch Out for those Out-Of-Spec Endmills!

Carld’s Really Slick Carriage Stop for the Lathe

Finally, the Mill is Back Up and Running!

Handy Power Tapping Tip: Use a Little Impact Wrench

Auxilliary Router as a High Speed Spindle

You Gotta Love Solid Modelling

Sorry for the Slow Updates on CNC Mill Progress: First Chips Were Cut

Zoho: A Machined Android Figure

Calibrating My Axis Steps per Inch and Checking the Backlash on the Mill

How Do You Keep the Cylinders In Line Without the Con Rods Interfering?

Newsflash: All Three Axes Are Running on my CNC Mill!

December – January 2009

It Lives! (Got my X and Y axes running on the mill this morning)

The Many Uses of an Indexable Spotting Drill

Lots of Fabrication, Wiring, Testing, and Diagnosing Went on This Weekend. Result? 3 Servos a-Spinning!

Axis Modules Are Done Pending 2 Cables

Planning Two More Axis Modules

Why CNC for a Home Shop?

Major Milestone: Spinning a Servo! (When Debugging, Whatever Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong)

The Eternal Servo vs Stepper Jihad Continues

Flycutting German Style With a Boring Head

Clamping German Style With a Tooling Plate

German Steam Engine: Wunderbar!

Wiring the Mill Enclosure Continues, and Powder Coat is On Order

Tormach vs IH Base Castings

Shim or No Shim for Twist on Lathes and Mills

Stabilizing a Round Column Mill Drill

Getting Parts Indicated in the Lathe Chuck

Automatic Tool Change for a Small Sieg Mill Using a Compressed Air Kwik Change

Progress: Wiring Diagram, Board Mounting, et al

Hossmachine Sharpens Endmills With a 4th Axis on a Benchtop Mill

Getting Geared Up to Wire the Box

October – November 2008

Robot Makes a Turner’s Cube

A 2-Jaw 3-Jaw Chuck: Road to an Eccentric Chuck?

An Eccentric Turning Fixture for the 3-Jaw

Very Nice Spindle Spider for a Lathe

Everyone Should Have an Air Shear!

Got Most of the Cutouts in the NEMA Enclosure

Some Progress on the Axis Modules

Soldered the Cables on the Servo Motors

Air Muscles: A Cool Robotics Power Source

Drill versus Endmills

The “Beijing Deckel”: Musings on a Simple Shopmade Tool and Cutter Grinder

What CNC Can Do For You: Steam Engine and Bonelle Tool and Cutter Grinder

Evan’s Tubing Bender

A Slotter for the Lathe from Canada

Ordered a 1000 Watt DC Power Supply to Run the Servos Today

Make Your Own Transfer Screws

More Mill Progress: Column is on, New Timing Pulleys Ordered

Upcoming Sieg CNC Lathe

World’s Best Snap Ring Pliers?

August – September 2008

Vertical Stop for Milling

Faceplates for Eccentric Turning

An Automatic Bar Feeder for a 4×6 Bandsaw

A Tribute to John Bogstandard

Liquid Tite Conduit

Cruel Teaser Sketch

State of the IH CNC Mill Project: One Shot Works for X-Y and X and Y are “On the Bracket”l

German Epoxy Granite Milling Machine

A CNC Punch Press

Widgitmaster Mini-Routers Are For Superheroes Too!

Gorgeous German Four Stroke Model Engine

Rigid Tapping Spindle Speed Accuracy

Mounting Ballscrews On Small Lathes

Sears Labor Day Sale Yields CNC Cabinet For the Mill

Drill Press Page Updates: Table Lift, Table Indexer, and Sensitive Drill Presses

Meanwhile, Considerable Progress on the Mill CNC Conversion Today

Check Valves, Gate Valves, Regulators and Other Useful Model Steam Fittings

Building a New Y-Ballnut Mount

Very Cool Model Boiler

4-Jaw Dial In Setup

New Cookbook Article: Turning Eccentrics on the Lathe

Prototrak 1630 CNC Toolroom Lathe

5C Lathe Hijinks: Closers and Boring Bar Holders

Got a Couple Hours Shop Time in Today to Keep Going on My CNC Mill Conversion

April – July 2008

Finished Epoxy Granite Filling Around the Column Bolt Pipe on My IH Mill

Started Some Pages for Bobs No.1 Steam Engine

Still More Epoxy Granite Pouring, But No Pix

Some Steam Engine 3D Modeling

Preparing for the Column Pour on My CNC Mill Conversion

Indicating a 5C collet setup true

Bob’s No. 1 Has a Con Rod Interference Problem

Gang Tool Your Mill as a Vertical Lathe

Use a Corner Rounding End Mill as a Form Tool

A Handy Rounding Over Fixture

Souping Up a Drill Press

Great Spindle Indexing Feedback: Thanks!

Vector Drive Magic and Indexing the Spindle of a Lathe or Mill

Royal “CNC” Live Center

Bandsaw Drip Oiler

Forster Swiv-o-ling Vise

Hockey Puck Leveling Feet on the Mill

One Good Machine Can Make Another

The Age of CNC as a Commodity

Bought a Set of Servos and Gecko Drives from HomeShopCNC

Use a 1-2-3 Block as a Small Parts Rack

A Neat RCMT Profiling Tool for the Lathe

Give Your Parting Blade a Tune-Up, Plus Turning With a Parting Blade

How Toolchangers Work

A Thimble Steam Engine

Finished My Button V-Block!

Machine Age Design

Spinner for Collet Chuck Key

Model Engineering in the Jet Age

Robodrill Capabilities

Pro Ball Turning Skillz

A DRO for the Lathe’s Compound

Good Stuff from Hilmar: Stuart Triple Expansion Project

More Storage Ideas

Setting Up a Boring Head

Collet Chuck Progress

Mounting a Collet Chuck on the Lathemaster 9×30

More HSM Carbide Sightings

February – March 2008

Machining Hockey Pucks is Fun!

A Trio of Lathe Productivity Aids

Team Build: Elmer Verburg’s Reversible Open Column Steam Engine

Carbide, Blue Chips, and Taking Out the Heat

VMC Cast Iron Frame

Sieg KX1 Mini-CNC Mill In a Box

Built a Tailstock Camlock for My Lathemaster 9×30 Lathe

Rust Prevention in the Shop

Some Nice Upgrades to the HF Tool Grinder

Wiggly Flywheels from Circles

More Widgitmaster Tips: Use Your Height Gage on Mill Setups

Epoxy Granite Update

JCHannum’s Chuck Key Speeder

Frank Mari Regrinds A Spindle Taper While It’s On The Machine!

A Tale of Three Collet Chucks and their Runout

Time For Another Widgitmaster Installment: Big Router Tricks

How Big is Your Boring Bar?

More Positive Rake Goodness: CCGT Boring Bars

Press Tooling: Punches, Bending Brakes, et al

A Simple Rounding Fixture for the Grinders

HSS vs High Positive Rake Turning Tooling

High Positive Rake Turning Tooling: CCGT

Thoughts on Positive Rake with Indexable Tooling

Epoxy Granite Mud Pie Test Was Successful

Ongoing Experiment Filling Machine Castings With Epoxy Granite

Calibrated Tailstock

Killer Tilting Angle Table

One Shot Oiling System Grooves Complete; Epoxy Granite Fill Beginning

Bijur Mist Coolant System

Build a Rack for your Air Tools

Big News from Gecko: G540

Started Collecting Information on Press Brake Attachments

Started the One Shot Oiling Mods

IH Z-Axis Modification Completed

Hardinge CHNC Lathe Restoration

Fly Cutter Geometry

More Widgitmastering

Got A New Toy: Coaxial Indicator

An Elegant Widget is On The Way

Add a Little Positive Rake to Your Parting Tool and a Chip Catcher to Your Chop Saw

Wedge vs Piston Quick Change Toolposts for the Lathe

IH Mill Y-Axis Lapping Completed: Before and Afters

Conversion of My IH Mill to CNC Has Begun!

Restoring the Usefulness of My Mini-Bandsaw With a New Table

First Time With a Drill Doctor

On the Business of Deburring

Cool Little Pratt & Whitney Instrument Maker’s Lathe

Work Stop Ideas for the Lathe

Some Marv Klotz Inventions

GRexs Fit in the Tiniest Places

The Disc Sander is Done!

More Disc Sander Progress

Mic Stands and Universal Vise from 800Watt

Tramming the Mill More Quickly With Your Quill DRO

Hardinge Ballscrew Coverst

SPI Gage Block Set

QCTP Lathe Tooling

What’s Your New Tool “Check-In” Procedure?

GOLmatic Mill

Ultimate High End Workstations and Cabinets

Lasers + Video: Multimedia Machine Tool Experience!

A Bit More Disc Sander Progress

Kurt Vise Tricks

Fridge Magnet Way Scrapers

Mill Tooling Plate

More Flycutter Hijinx

November – January 2008

The Lucky Setup

A Bigger Greener Tool Grinder

Small Bridgeport VMC’s

Disc Sander Progress

ATale of Two Flycutters

I Need to Make a Micrometer Stand

Handy eBay Parting-Off Tool

More Belt Grinder Notes

LTD Stirling Runs on a Cup of Coffee

Shopmade Air-Powered 5C Collet Chuck for a Haas TL1

Cutting a 45 Degree Angle on a Plate

Super EZ Clamps

Workshop Storage Ideas

Useful and Commonly Used Tools

4-Jaw Lathe Chuck Cheater Key

12″ Disc Sander Started

Hillbilly Hot Tank

Nice 7×14 Lathe

Haas TL-1 Gang Tooling

Wonderful Video on Making a Triode Tube From Scratch: Think Glass for Stirlings

More Than You Wanted to Know About Harmonic Drives

Didja Know About the Reference Info Here?

Ever Wonder How VMC’s Work and What’s Inside One?

Stirling Model Engine Page

CNC Drag Engraving with a Spring-Loaded Graver

Peering Under the (Mazak Way) Covers…

Solar-Powered Stirling Generators

Formula One Racing Car Parts

First Project of the New Year: A Quick and Easy Welding Table

The Spinning Tool Caddy of Doom

Disc Sanders

April – October 2007

Mill Enclosures

Not Machine Tool Oriented, But I Want One! (Pegboard Wall Wort Organizer)

Slow Times at the CNC Cookbook!

Great Idea for a Vibratory Polisher

Mach 3 Controller Limitations

Lathe Touch Off w/ Edgefinder

CNC’ing the “Hula Hula” Steam Engine

Tubing Bender and “Unbender”

Making Square Holes With Round Pegs

Schaublin Rear Cutoff Tool

Another Gantry Crane

An Insanely Nice Southbend Lathe Restoration

Museum Quality Rivett Lathe

Super Titanium Penlight

Obsessed With Precision? (Moore Angle Plate)

Shopmade Follow Rest and Box Cutters

Sine Jaws for the Kurt Vise

Headstock Adjustment Bolt

Nifty Soft Jaw Tricks

Awesome V-Twin Desktop Engine

Posted Some New Workshop Pix

QCTP Indicator Holders

Someone is Finally Putting Linear Rails on an Asian Mill

Need More Lathe Precision? Add Some Indicators to the Axes

Door Hinge Thingey

Stunning Paintball Pistol

Things People Like To Make

Hardware Failure

Super Precision Machine Accuracy Checking: Ballbars and Circle Diamond Tests

How About a Really Nice Monarch 10EE?

On The Matter of Cheap vs Expensive Angular Contact Bearings for Ballscrews and Spindles

Computer Upgrade Time

Nifty Shop Photos: Truing a Lathe Chuck, Steady Rest, 4th Axis Gear Cutting

A Fellow GRex Rack Mounter!

Network Connectivity to the Shop

Debugging the Lathe Electronics

Dropping Out Parts in CNC

Proper Installation of Precision Dowel Pins

Unusual Edge Finding Accessories: Toolmaker’s Chairs

A Few New Goodies Arrive on My Doorstep

Interesting Lathe Modification: Headstock Tramming Screws

Lathe Progress Continues

Cutting T-Sltos in Cast Iron for Machine Tables

Lifting Heavy Fixtures and Tooling

Handy Digital Bevel and Angle Gage

When the Wrong Bearings May Work for a Spindle or Ballscrew or, How You Can Make a Mill From a Drillpress

January – March 2007

Diagnosing and Curing Noise Problems in CNC Machinery

Quit Drilling With Your Tailstock in the Lathe

Handy Pre-Ground Parting Off Tools from eBay

Making a Timing Pulley

Ballscrew AC Bearing Blocks


Model Turbines

Clever Lathe Slotting Attachment

Just Try Making a Wankel Engine Without CNC!

Tubing Straightener

Ordered Some Metal Today!

Real Machinists Can Fix Machines

Universal Indicator Clamp

4-Axis Mill Beats Lathe on Round Bars?!??

Widgitmaster Gives an Excuse for Another Purchase

An Epoxy-Granite to Stiffen an Existing RF45 Mill

An Epoxy-Granite Milling Machine Design Sketch

More of the Fidgiting Widgitmaster’s Machine Work Wisdom

Widgitmaster Marks his Cross Slide Travel

Widgitmaster Machines All Surfaces Flat and Square First!

Widgitmaster Uses the Mill DRO as an Accurate CMM to Measure Features

Widgitmaster Builds Setups for Rigidity

Rotating Ballnut

Vector Drives vs Ordinary VFDs

Belleville Washers and Retention Studs: How the Other Half Does Drawbars

Dust Guard for the Widgitmaster Mini-Router

Cool Shopbuit Rotary Air Indexer

Face Gear Rotary Tables

Tramming Tricks

Great Ballscrew Bearing Block Diagram

Nice Indicator Sweeper

Staking Ball Detents

Cecil Walker’s Spectacular 1/2 Scale Ma Deuce

Dually Pickup Hauls 2 Lathes

New Mini-Router Project: EZ Clamps

Fitting CNC into a Smaller Case

Tracking Down a Parallel Printer Ribbon Cable

Manual Digitizing for Reverse Engineering

First CNC Chips Cut

Etching Glass with CNC

The Widgitmaster’s Travelling CNC Medicine Show: Up and Running

The Widgitmaster’s Travelling CNC Medicine Show

Drill Press Cam Lock Clamp

LED Ring Light for the Mill

A Tale of 4 Taps, Some Polyboard, and the Mystery Steel!

Cafe Lahti?

Building a Manufacturing Business from the Ground Up

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

How Many Machines Per Employee?

Keys to Machine Productivity

Bearing Preload to Reduce Backlash

Royal Taper Attachment

The Lathe Parting Off Tool Can Be Fixed on a CNC Machine

More Gang Tool Tricks

Tailstock Sensitive Feed Attachment

Cutting Small Gears

Being Slightly Less Egyptian: Machinery Dollies

Neat Fly Cutter Tip for Milling in Lathe

CNC Rifle Stock

New Concepts in Milling Handbook

Widgitmaster Finds His Limits

Sieg Factory Tour

Scissor Knurlers

Key for Tramming a Vise on the Milling Machine

Mega Santec

My CNC Lathe Enclosure Project is Out of Control!


Buy More Than You Need On Little Things

4-Wheel Disc Brakes for CNC

Countersinking Flat Head Cap Screws

CNC Lathe Progress

Label Your Wiring!

Concrete CNC Machines?!??

Rotary Table Accessories and Tips

Fish Tape Cable Guides

Fancy Brass Steam Engine


Need an Electromagnet?

Jib-style CNC Plasma Cutter

Kudos and Hero Worship for the Fidgiting Widgitmaster

Widgit Engineering for a CNC Router

Widgitmaster’s Plexiglass Cutting Secret

Widgitmaster’s Mondo Vise Jaws

Widgitmaster Machines A Big Chuck O’ Aluminum

Widgitmaster’s Homemade “Really Big” Fly Cutter

Widgitmaster Production Line Technique

Widgitmaster on Accurate Boring

Widgitmaster Internal Grooving Tool

Widgitmaster’s Sneaky Way to Check Your Feeds and Speeds

Widgitmaster’s Methods of Centering On Holes and Other Features in the Mill

Thanks for all the Help, Widgitmaster!

Nicely Made!

3 Double Vises: No Waiting!

Managing the Chips in Your Flood Coolant System…

Mysterious Vibration in My Lathe, Better Finishes, and Fenner Belts…

Portable CNC Plasma Table

Rhino Cage Editing…

And Now For The Really Fancy Stuff!

Home Shop CNC Parts

Starting Up a CNC Business

Don’t Underestimate the Pipe and MDF Router Crowd

When a Toolpost Grinder is Just a Grinder

Aluminum Composite Materials: Interesting New Panel Material

Increasing Height Gage Accuracy

Hones are the Way to Go Rather than Toolpost Grinders for Tenths Work

Forget Seeing My Etchings, Would You Like To See My Laps?

World’s Best Way to Set Up a 4-Jaw Lathe Chuck

Accurate Lathe Work On a 3-Jaw Chuck

Computer Wheel Balancer?!??

Making Fan Covers with an Industrial Hobbies CNC Mill

Machinery Rigger’s Delight: Lift Platform Trailers

Accurate Z-Axis Adjustment on the Mill (aka I love it when a gadget actually works!)

Turner’s Cube Dimensions

New Blog Index

Tip: Holding a Big Plate in the Kurt Vise

Slick Lathe Carriage Stop

Spindle Bearing Lubrication

CNC Lathe Progress

Tapered Drawbar Spacer

Take Time Out to Experiment

Are 2 Mills Better Than 1?

30 Taper ER 32 Collet Chuck

I Blew Up My Power Feed

Shop Air System

Fabricated the X-Axis Home/Limit Switches for the CNC Lathe Conversion

October – December 2006

Final Push for CNC Lathe

Drill Press Speeder

Gravity Operated Center Punch

Another Home Shop Hall of Famer!

Even Faster R8 Toolchanges?

I’m a Paid-Up Alibre User…

Got Started Organizing CNC Mill Conversion Pages

The Powered Drawbar is Done!!! How Did I Live Without It???

#30 Taper Belt Driven Mill Head Sketch

Alibre Notebook

New #30 Taper Mill Spindle Came Today!

A Centering Scope from a Webcam

How Much Torque on the Drawbar?

Some New Books of Interest

CNC Cookies

Turner’s Cubes as Christmas Tree Ornaments

Antikythera Zodiac Sketches

NMTB 30 Spindle for the IH Mill!

R8 Quick Change Tooling Systems

Outstanding CNC Site

Handmade Hacksaw

Think CNC Mill!

Design & Manufacturing Techniques

Some Antikythera “Antics”

The Antikythera Mechanism

CNC Soccer Ball?

More EFI Manifolds…

Still Trying Out CAD/CAM Software

Mill Centering Device

Industrial Hobbies is Closing its Doors

Hardinge DV-59 for CNC Conversion?

Clever Idea: Gear Indexing Jig

A Paintball Minigun?!??

Light At The End Of The GRex Tunnel

Polygon Turning???

Ford 351 Cleveland Electronic Fuel Injection

Playing With Blocks (2-4-6 Blocks, That Is)

A High Tech Pen

A Clever Way to Make Small Pulleys and Grooves

A Backyard Monorail!?!!

The Tech Shop: A Health Club for Machinery Geeks

Build a Powered Drawbar

A Bigger Lathe

Aluminum Extrusion CNC Enclosure

A Good All-Round Steam Engine

Hurco VM-1 Upgrade

Machining Thin Parts on the Lathe

CNC’ing a Hardinge Lathe?

CNC’ing a 9×20 Lathe

Worm-Driven Ball Turning Attachment

South Bend Drill Press Restoration

I Want CNC Without The CNC

CNC Master Checklist

Damascus Steel

Where Does All This Stuff Come From?

Delay On Make Timer Relay for E-Stop Circuit

Fixture for Machining Intake Manifolds

Another Brilliant John Stevenson Idea: Tailstock DRO

Power Drawbars

Ring Rolling On A Mill

CNC’d Clausing 13″ x 24″ Lathe (Air-driven shop made collet closer)

High Speed Spindle Page

First G-Code

The Great Breakout Board I/O Mystery: Where’s the Cheap USB Alternatives?

Worm Gears

5-Axis Machines at Home!

Machinist Utility Software

ME Pro and High Speed Spindles

Up Your Organization

Bar Pullers

Tandem High Speed Spindle

Engine Turning

Turned File Handles

July – September 2006

Eliminating Backlash

Gecko Drive Mounting Bracket for CNC Lathe

Tapping Arms

Nice Rail Design for Plasma and Router Tables

Big Doings for the Site

Cool 5-axis Milling Head

Finished the DC Power Supply for my CNC Lathe project this weekend!

Options for entry level CNC

Precision Linear Rail Support With Moglice for Gantry Machines

What’s this then? (5-Axis Tool & Cutter Grinder Sketch)

Tool Height Touchsetting/Presetting

Moglice and Sliding Bearings

It’s alive! Finally got the PC for my CNC lathe project assembled

Machine Table Covers

Bridgeport CNC Conversion with Single Shot Oiling

Ever hear of a “Maximator“? <Hint: Think Waterjets>

Thomas Powell has done some fantastic work on his IH Mill

A Smithy mill-lathe converted for linear slides

CNC Dictionary

Inexpensive DRO for the Mill

Converting a Bridgeport Power Feed for the Industrial Hobbies Mill

I Want to Build a Pan and Box Brake

Centering Scope

Ongoing CNC Lathe Conversion

Odds & Ends

Tool & Cutter Grinders

Unbelievably Cool Demo

High Speed Machining at Home

Servos on the Cheap!

Leveling Screws for Squaring Mill Columns

A Row O’ Fixtures

A big box arrived in the mail–eBay again

A Quick Checkup on the Health of a Milling Machine

Spring-Loaded Parallels Separator

Extremely Small CNC Machines

CNC Lathe Conversion Status

Odds & Ends

Z-Axis for a Router

Yuasa R8 Quick Change System

A New Asian CNC Mini-Lathe (and Traveling Chip Gaurd)

JerryFlyGuy’s Flat Rail Installation for a Gantry Machine

Precision Fly Cutter

Motor Electronics Safety Switch


Making Connecting Rods for a Model Engine

Pot Chucks for 5C Collet Systems

I Want a Centering Scope!

“Printing” 3D Objects in Steel

Cross Drilling Jig

April – June 2006

Make a Dodecahedron on Your Lathe and Turner’s Cubes

Digitizing a Quarter

PC Chassis for CNC Lathe Conversion

Phase II Rotary Table Tips

Holy Spinning Tombstones, Batman! (Shopmade 4th axis tombstone)

Miscellaneous Milling Activity

SPI Table Stops

Big Brass Knobs for My Mill

Designing an Optical Limit Switch

Augment Google with Clusty

Tramming Jack

A Chip Compactor for the Shop

Dovetail Cutter for Making QCTP Holders

Asian CNC Mini-Lathe

Heat Treating Oven

Interesting Shop Made Tools: Tubing Bender, Graver Sharpener, Ball Turner

Finished the Mill Stand!


Apply Your Own Ceramic Coatings to Headers

Garage CNC Business

Machinist’s Mate: A Handy Software Utility

Mill Vise Caddy

Shop Made CNC Hydraulic Tubing Bender

Mirror Fixtures for Small Production Runs

Mill Tramming Bar

Awesome Shop Made 5C Collet Chuck

Servo for Lathe Spindle

Cooling Box for Air Hardening Steel

More CNC Lathe Progress: Control Panel Cabling

The GRex is in the House!

Lathe Coolant and Spindle Control Wiring

Make Your Own Flex Couplers

Fabricating the PC Enclosure for the CNC Lathe

Electrolytic Weld Cleaning

QCTP Holder Rack

Notes on Tapping Heads

What Is A Left-Handed Veeblefetzer?

Flood Coolant Musings and Tips

Thing of Beauty: Tree 325 Milling Machine

High Speed Machining With An Air Spindle

Laser Measurement and Metrology

Rail Mounting Precision for CNC Plasma and Router Tables

Build a Fighter Jet With Your CNC Router

The Ultimate Yo Yo

Acoustic Chatter Recognition

Adjustable Welding Table

Machinery Lifting and Moving Dollies

Veritas Optical Center Punch

Cross Slide Drive for CNC Lathe Conversion & Circle Machine Boring Bar

An Air Operated Shaper Attachment for the Lathe

Converting a Rotary Table to a 4th Axis for CNC

eBay Linear Slides

ESAB Plasma Cutter

Put a Welding Shop on a Car Lift

Broken Boring Bar

Lost Wax Casting Steam Engine Parts

December 2005 – March 2006

Lathe cross slide motor mount sketches

Splash guard enclosure for the IH mill sketches

Z-axis stepper mount

Lathe control panel controls mounted

Converting large manual lathe tools to fit small lathe QCTP’s

Lathe chuck backplate in Rhino

Using kilns for heat treatingAjax CNC rectifier boards

Aluminum gantry cranes

Automatically referencing a lathe tool via an electric circuit back to the chuck

Setting lathe tool heights for manual lathes

Rhino, OneCNC, and CNC’d NEMA 23 motor mounts

Polishing aluminum, LaserTrac laser crosshairs, and Shopmade 5-axis CNC

Check way accuracy and leadscrew parallelism

3D scanner from a laser level: ScanZ

Shear Hog

Mill VFD

Robotic penguins

IGUS chain for cable management

CAD/CAM program research

ModBus and IPac to gain additional I/O for the Campbell breakout board

Lathe motor mount sketches

Ballscrew alternatives

PMDX breakout boards

Discussion of MPG’s for CNC including how to make an MPG from an encoder.



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