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If you work from prints that 3rd parties send you to make parts from, chances are you’ve seen some Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) symbols on them.  GD&T is the industry standard to communicate size, location, orientation, and form requirements on an engineering drawing.

So how is your experience working with GD&T?

• Are you fully confident that you are interpreting GD&T callouts and requirements correctly?
• Do you know how functional relationships are made between the features on your part?
• Are you aware of what the geometric tolerances control in 3D space?
• Do you know why geometric requirements are used in certain situations?
• Are you frustrated with designers putting unnecessary restrictions on your processes?
• Can you use GD&T on your own designs to make the parts cheaper to manufacture and come out right the first time?
• Do you rush to lookup and relearn each GD&T symbol every time you come across one in a drawing?

I know I wasn’t confident in a lot of that until I had done a tremendous amount of study and research.

A collection of geometric shapes and lines showcasing gd&t principles on a white background.

Are all of these symbols immediately obvious?

Even if you have decided to get GD&T training or a refresher, what are your options? If you look at most GD&T training programs they are overly complex, take you out of work for 3 days and cost thousands of dollars per person. This would make anyone try to get by without good training!

Don’t worry if any of this sounds painfully familliar– you are not alone. Millions of dollars of scrap and deviations occur at shops all over the country from those who misinterpret, miscalculate, or simply ignore GD&T principles.

I didn’t really get GD&T when I bid that job.  Ouch!

But wouldn’t you like to feel super confident with your GD&T knowledge?  Wouldn’t it be great for your career if you were the guy who could answer the questions?

Well, I have some great news for you. CNCCookbook has a free GD&T Basics Course!

Our GD&T Basics course will give you a walkthrough on the fundamentals of GD&T that can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars versus classroom programs.

This course is really slick, easy to follow, and well done.

I look at it this way: CNC is a precision science and you need to be comfortable with how dimensions and tolerances are expressed if you want to succeed.  We found out it’s a skill that just over half the professional CNC’ers we surveyed possess.

Wouldn’t you like to have a valuable skill that half your peers are lacking?

Even among those that say they know GD&T, here’s the catch…

How many of them are really comfortable with GD&T versus just having a passing familiarity?

[ Check out the Free CNCCookbook GD&T Course today! ]

BTW, there’s a free GD&T Calculator with the course too.


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