The Tormach guys are really excellent people to deal with by all accounts. I already have a mill, so I have largely been a customer for some of their accessory tooling. I love their offline Tool Presetter “Tormach Tool Assistant” and their CNC Scanner, for example. Both very cool gizmos, and I’ll be writing more about them at some point. But, a recent blog posting of theirs has got me wondering whether a Tormach machine may be in my future after all.

I have been wanting a larger lathe that is CNC–preferably a toolroom lathe rather than a pure manufacturing lathe. My favorites had been either something from the Haas TL series, a Romi, or something along those lines. Alas, these are not inexpensive machines, though used deals come along periodically.

Here are some photos of the castings for the upcoming Tormach Personal CNC Lathe, which will be a slant bed:

Tormach CNC Lathe Castings

Slant bed castings. Pretty beefy!

PCNC Lathe Headstock


I wish I had a better idea of the scale and dimensions of this thing, but it looks like it could be exactly what I’m looking for. One of the most critical dimensions for me will be the spindle bore. The other features I’d want to be sure of is a tailstock and enough spindle rpm for carbide. Given all that, I admit I’d be searching for the checkbook.

Here’s another gizmo from that same blog post that has been on my wish list for quite a while:

Gantry Crane

Real nice little gantry crane for the shop…


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