We’re close to the half way point on the year and as always, I like to pass along which blog posts and articles (articles being those pages outside the CNCCookbook blog proper) have been the most popular.  We have several thousand CNC articles on the site, and there are a lot of undiscovered treasures.  Hopefully these 20 leads will help you to find something new and interesting here.

Blog Posts

Let’s start with the 10 most popular blog posts so far this year:

1. 10 Tips for CNC Router Aluminum Cutting Success

This one has been on the top for quite a while.  Welcome to all the CNC Routers users who are looking to make cutting aluminum easier.  It’s very doable, you just need to know a few of the tips.

2. 10 Things Beginning CNC Milling Machine Users Need to Succeed

Intro articles have always been a strong suite for CNCCookbook so I was pleased to see this article for CNC beginners did well.

3. Motion Control Boards Take Mach3 From Hobby Class to Industrial Grade

We cater to professionals as well as DIY CNC’ers.  The latter tend to be from the more advanced end of the DIY spectrum, hence their interest in an article like this one about using hardware to soup up Mach3 performance and reliability.

4. CNC Router Cutter Types and How to Use Them

Another great beginner article, this time for the CNC Router crowd.

5. Ultimate Benchtop CNC Mini Mill

And another advanced DIY series.  Our series articles also seem to do well.  I guess it is otherwise hard to find deep dives into important topics on the Internet.

6. CNC 4th Axis Series

This is a good one for professionals and beginners alike as it showcases 4th axis machining.

7. Fixturing with Vacuum Tables, Vacuum Chucks, and Vacuum Clamping Systems

Another great one for beginner and pro on vacuum fixtures.

8. World’s First Mac OS X CAM Software + CNC Software Suite

Mac users want what everyone else does: software that runs natively on their machines.  Check out this article on the world’s first Mac OS X CNC Software suite.

9. MeshCAM: Great Ease of Use in a 3D CAM Package

I’ve looked at a lot of CAM software, and if your #1 criteria is simplicity, I recommend MeshCam.  There are more powerful packages out there, but none will have you making parts faster than MeshCam.

10. 3D Printing 101

This was a nice intro to 3D Printing series by guest blogger Michael Hackney.



Articles come from the non-blog sections of CNCCookbook.

1. G-Code Tutorial Course

#1 by far was CNCCookbook’s G-Code tutorial course.  If you can’t read and write g-code, give our comprehensive free tutorial a try.  Just go through an article or two every couple days and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

2. DIY CNC Cookbook

Not surprisingly, our in-depth Cookbook on all things DIY CNC is very popular.

3. CNC Projects 

Looking for a fun and easy CNC Project?  This is a good place to start.

4. CNCCookbook’s Software Home Page

We sell CNC software to pay the bills that enable us to keep giving away all this great free content.  We hope you’re a customer, but if not, check out what we offer and at least sign up for a free trial so you can see what the software does.

5. Feeds and Speeds Tutorial and Cookbook

Given that we offer the most sophisticated Feeds and Speeds Calculator there is (G-Wizard), you’d have to expect an in-depth Cookbook and one of the best resources on the Internet for Feeds and Speeds, no?

6. Knife Making Grinders

This one is not about CNC at all, although belt grinders are handy machines to have around for most anyone.  It’s what we call an “Idea Notebook” because it collects a ton of great ideas and links to other’s projects who’ve built knife grinders.

7. CNC Software

Did you ever wonder what all the different kinds of digital tooling are that are available to help you with CNC?  This articles walks through all the different kinds of CNC software that are available, what each package does, and how they all fit together.

8. Home Machine Shop Tours

This one is very popular with the DIY crowd.  Check out these photo tours of some of the nicest personal shops out there.

9. CNC Manufacturing Cookbook

Here’s a Cookbook especially for the pros.  It contains tons of articles crammed with in-depth information on how to optimize or what the best practices are for almost every aspect of CNC Manufacturing.  It contains gems like our multi-part series on Tool Data Management.

10. CNC Dictionary

Last but not least, a lot of folks refer to our CNC Dictionary to look up terminology that they’re hearing for the first time.




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Top Blog Posts and CNC Machining Articles for First Half of 2014
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