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In the first part of our 2017 CNC Router survey series, we covered:

  • Hobby vs Professional User Segments
  • CNC Router Market Share
  • Customer Satisfaction by Manufacturer
  • Size and Features of CNC Routers
  • Type of Materials Being Cut

In this installment, we’ll drill down a little more deeply and find out a little more about why respondents awarded the Customer Satisfaction scores they did.

What Features are Most Important to CNC Router Users?

To get an idea how to answer this question, I analyzed the responses to the question, “Which 3 features do you like the most about your CNC Router?”  Here are the results:

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Let’s go over each so I can clarify what they mean and call out the winner in each category:

#1: Accuracy:  Precision, accuracy, and repeatability were all frequently mentioned.  The Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#2: Quality:  Users favor machines that are rugged, rigid, and generally of higher quality.  Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#3: Value:  Users complimented machines they felt were a good value. Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#4: Ease of Use:  Ease of Use, most due to the software / controller used by the machine were very important.  Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#5: Performance:  Performance and speed were frequent mentions.  Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#6: Support: Support, training and good documentation were all important.  Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#7:  Size:  Size of the work area was mentioned.  Carbide 3D / Shapeoko machines were #1 in this category.

#8:  Customizable:  The ability to customize the machine because it has an open platform, is easily hackable, or just because it has a lot of options available were all important to our respondents.  This category was a 3 way tie between Inventables, CNC Router Parts, and Carbide 3D / Shapeoko.


Carbide 3D / Shapeoko was #1 in 7 of the 8 categories.  It’s no wonder they score so well on Customer Satisfaction!

Announcing the CNCCookbook 2017 Reader’s Choice Award

2017 CNCCookbook CNC Router Reader's Choice Award

Given how Carbide3D nearly swept all the major customer satisfaction dimensions as #1, we felt it only fitting to award them the 2017 Reader’s Choice Award for CNC Routers.

Congratulations, guys, and keep up the good work!



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