FadalVMC15XTI’ve just uploaded the latest version of our G-Wizard Editor Software.  The main new thing is that it includes a new FADAL post.

FADAL’s were extremely popular entry-level VMC’s in their day and there are still tons of them out there.  The FADAL controllers had 2 g-code dialects, and this new post is for their Fanuc-compatible dialect.  It includes a number of interesting labor-saving features not found in Fanuc’s g-code.

Here are my three favorite additions that this new GW Editor Post Handles:

“E” Syntax for Work Offsets

The FADAL guys realized that the single letters being used in g-code left a lot of available candidates, and they took advantage of that with their “E” and “L” words.

The “E” was used to select a work offset.  Instead of writing “G54.1 Pxx” (where xx could be 1..48), you’d write “Exx”.  It’s a lot shorter and more concise.

“L” Syntax for Subroutines plus M17 for Subroutine return

Likewise, for defining and calling subroutines, FADAL offered the “L” syntax.  Basically, “L” is followed by 4 digits.  The first two digits tell which subroutine, from 1..99.  The second two digits are a repeat factor telling how many times to call the subroutine before moving on.  For example, “L1008” would call subroutine “10” eight times.  If the repeat value was “00”, it meant that the line was going to define the subroutine, like this:

L0101 (Call subroutine 1 once)


L0100 (Define subroutine 1)

G00 Z12


M17 ( Return from subroutine )


G05:  Non-Modal Rapids

Most of the time in a g-code program is spent moving the cutter at feedrate, whether in a line (G01), arc (G02/03), or canned cycle.  In between there are brief calls to Rapids (G00) to move from one place to the next.  G05 switches to rapids for just the line its on.  When that line has finished, it automatically goes back to whatever mode the program was using before it executed the G05.  That saves having to set it back and is a nice convenience.


FADAL has been our most popular request for a new post that GW Editor did not have–it has gotten 67% of the votes.  Oddly, I am not aware of another GCode Editor/Simulator that has a good FADAL post.  Given how large the community is, hopefully GW Editor can help some of them out with their FADAL GCode.

If you’d like to try it, sign up for our free 30-day trial of GW Editor.

If you already have GWE, make sure you’re on the latest release (v1.98 or later for FADAL support).  Click the “Download Latest Posts” buttons on the Setup page to bring down the new post. Then use the “Browse” button to select “FadalMill” as the post for your machine.

As mentioned, this is the preliminary post.  There are bound to be some things I’ve missed.  Run some of your g-code through it and let me know what’s missing or incorrect via our Customer Portal.  I’ll try to make haste on those reported issues so we can solidify the new post quickly.


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