Yesterday, I uploaded G-Wizard Calculator v4.19.  If you’re a registered user, you can download it here.

PC users will find minor usability improvements in the form of GW remembering the last selected tool and tool crib across sessions, a feature that’s been on the request list for some time.

Much bigger news for Mac users as this releases catches you up to the PC release with the following:

  • Added ISO Metric Trapezoidal threads to the Thread Calculator
  • Added Tapping and Thread Milling to CADCAM Hole Wizard.
  • Added Hardness Conversion Calculator and unit-independent Hardness widget to Material browser (More button) in GW Calculator.
  • Updated the UI of the “More” button Material Selector to be more friendly.

These releases had all been silent optional releases for PC users too.  The last release that came automatically was 4.0.

So why not make every release automatic and every release Mac and PC?

It’s a function of risk management and efficiency.  I do silent releases when I know I am making drastic changes in the product.  In this cases, a ton of work was done to support G-Wizard Estimator, G-Wizard Thread Calculator, and some future features you’ll see soon.

And BTW, if you missed it, G-Wizard Estimator (for quoting and estimating the cost of machining) and G-Wizard Thread Calculator (which adds detailed info on dozens of additional threads) are completely free to folks with a working GW Calculator (trial or subsrciption) during Beta Test.  They’re pretty darned awesome additions to the family, so be sure to take advantage of them.

I prefer not to have the whole user base instantly upgrade when such major changes have been made.  I am happy to say that nothing really terrible has surfaced, and a number of people are on the latest releases so I will be turning on the automatic release (aka the “Bat Signal”) for v4.19 to remind everyone to get it.

As far as the Mac, it’s an efficiency thing that is again triggered by major changes.  Until I am sure of a release, I risk having to do a lot of work twice to cover the Mac.  I love my Mac computers, but only about 5% of our installed base are on Mac, so I need to take a shortcut here and there.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.  I’m really glad to have caught up the Mac audience to the latest, and I am hopeful it’ll be a while before I need to do so many changes in a short period.

Let me give a little more detail on the new features now.

New Material Browser

The new Material Browser (off the “More” button)…

Here’s our new material browser, which I really like because you can see what’s gonig on much more easily.  The list of material families are shown in the big list on the left.  As you click on them, the list of Alloys for each family member is updated in the list on the right.

You’ve still got the history list and search to help find things too.

I’ve also added the new unit-independent hardness selector.  You don’t need to tell it a hardness if you your material, alloy, and condition show up on the list, but it’s there for cases that I haven’t yet gotten to.

And BTW, if there’s a material missing, get in touch and I’ll see about adding it.  Provided I can find the info on the Internet, it’s not hard to do and I add them pretty often.

New Hardness Conversion Calculator

hardness conversion calculator

Here’s our new Hardness Conversion Calculator.  The definitive scoop on the Calculator and what all these Hardness tests are is covered on our Hardness Conversion page.


I’ve got much more underway in the lab, so expect quite a bit of news going forward.  My main focus at the moment is G-Wizard Estimator, but that product shares the underlying engines that GW Calculator uses, so it throws off benefits to both.  We will keep you posted!

And if you’ve never tried G-Wizard Calculator, be sure to grab our free 30-day trial:

[ Free 30-Day G-Wizard Calculator Trial ]


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New Mac and PC G-Wizard Release Improves Usability
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