3D printing is great–it lets you produce models of almost anything reasonably easily.  It only has a few drawbacks:

–  The print material (resin or filament) can be expensive.

–  Printing can be slow compared to subtractive processes.

–  Parts require some post-processing for best finish.

This article focuses on the post-processing.  In particular, I want to offer up a video from FormLabs that was done with Robert Vignone on his post-processing workflows.  Robert works with Dreamworks as well as his own Mold3D.com company.

Robert’s workflow at a high level makes a lot of sense:


The video provides full details on every step of the process, including which products he used, where to get them, and how to use the products to do the finishing.

While we’re on the subject, there was also a great FormLabs article on finishing a clear canopy for an R/C Airplane model.  If you’re a 3D printer, it’s definitely worth subscribing to their blog, whether or not you have a resin printer.  This post-processing workflow has a lot to offer for filament printed (extruded) models as well.


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