Did somebody say, “Win”?

Darned tootin’!

People tell me they really loved our last Giveaway.  They liked that I set it up to be a little more fun, sort of like a game where you have a lot more ability to affect the outcome.

So, I had to launch ANOTHER Giveaway, and give more CNC’ers a chance to win.

First, let me tell you, we’re giving away free lifetime editions of both our G-Wizard Calculator and G-Wizard Editor CNC software.  And there won’t be just one lucky winner, I’m giving away three of these.  That’s right, there will be 3 winners.

Cool beans, right?

Second, and this is the fun part, here’s the “game” part:

If you show the giveaway to a CNC’er friend and they sign up, you get 3 extra chances at winning.  If you share on Facebook, LinkedIn, or a bunch of other places, that’ll also give you an extra chance to win.

To let a friend enter and get you those 3 extra chances to win, just send them your Lucky URL and have them click on it.  You get your Lucky URL when you enter the Giveaway.  It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

More details on the contest entry page:

Win Our Best CNC Software, Free ]

The Giveaway ends Thursday, Nov 28, right before Black Friday.  Get started now racking up points to improve your odds.

One more thing: if you enter the giveaway (visit that link!), you’ll get an email back telling you about our special “Secret Prizes”.


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