I got involved with CNC because I like to create things.  It is the ultimate tool for it.  With the right CNC Skills, if you can imagine it, you can probably built it.  I confess I have a serious Design Fetish.  I love great Design.  Objects can be art.  They can delight our senses and our sense of the aesthetic.  CNC has made so much more of that possible both by enabling more complex things to be created (the imagination should not be hampered by the simple) and by pushing down that power of creation to the garage shops, do it yourselfers, and makers out in homes everywhere.

To help celebrate this Fourth of July (fireworks fit my Design Fetish well!), I wanted to present a few Design Beauties as well as direct your attention to the CNCCookbook Pinterest pages.

See what you think of these objects of desire:

Titanium Pen

Mike Bond’s incomparable Ti2 Pen.  I just received mine in the mail and love it for sketching quick drawings.  Check his Kickstarter page for some CNC video of its construction…

Balvenie Cask

This presentation cask for Balvenie 40 year old Scotch was clearly CNC’d and very cool…

CNC Bottle Opener

Balvenie French Fit Case

Our post on French Fitted cases was one of the most popular in recent memory.   This French Fit case for Balvenie Scotch is gorgeous!

Spacebar Desk Organizer

Spacebar Desk Organizer matches  the Apple aesthetic perfectly…

Wooden Mouse

Wooden mouse:  a wonderful project for the CNC Router crowd…

Enjoy your July 4th, and be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more cool designs.  You just might get a great idea for something to build in your own shop.


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