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CNCCookbook’s Speeds and Feeds hub will take you from fundamentals to the best practices of the industry’s best experts.  Whether you’re looking for advanced strategies, tips for getting started, or tactics for optimizing your Speeds and Feeds, this is your hub for Speeds and Feeds knowledge.

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Speeds and Feeds Fundamentals

What You’ll Learn

If you’re a Beginner, start here.  You’ll learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of Feeds and Speeds.

Speeds and Feeds Intermediate Guide

What You’ll Learn

Take the next step up from Beginner to Intermediate Feeds and Speeds Knowledge.  You’ll learn how to improve your surface finish, all about tool deflection, how to choose the best Cut Depth and Cut Width, Climb vs Conventional Milling, and a host of other valuable tips and techniques.

Cutter-Specific Guides

17 Resources

17 different resources each devoted to a specific type of cutter.  From Endmills, to Slitting Saws, to Broaches, you’ll find a guide specific to your needs.

More Speeds and Feeds Resources

CNCCookbook Blog Posts Relating to Feeds and Speeds: Lots more in-depth information in bite-sized posts.

10 Tips for CNC Router Aluminum Cutting Success: Take these shortcuts and skip a lot of pain.

7 Software Excuses for Bad Surface Finishes: It isn’t just about Feeds and Speeds.

Chip Thinning and Other Ways to Speed Your Cuts: Learn about cases where you should be upping your speeds and feeds and how to exploit them.

CNC vs Manual Cutting Speeds: Why is CNC so much harder to figure out?

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