Time has flown and I realized earlier this month we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary.  That’s right, we shipped G-Wizard Calculator, version 1.000, in October 2010.  It’s officially 10 years old.

And what an amazing run it has had.  We’ve been first to market with so many innovations.  So I want to do two things.

First, we are going to celebrate this 10th anniversary with a sale.  So, I marked down all our G-Wizard and Gearotic software packages by 20%.  To see what’s available, visit our Sale Page here:

If you’re looking at pricing and the savings aren’t marked right there, just click through to the shopping cart and it’ll reflect the 20% off.  If you’re in education or you’re a military veteran, I can offer an additional discount.  Email me for details.

Our Sale will run for 2 weeks, and there’s a clock on the Sale Page that lets you know when it will end and prices return to normal.

These packages can really improve your bottom line and make you a more productive CNC’er.

Second, I wanted to take a walk down Memory Lane and review what’s happened with G-Wizard.  Here’s a smattering of key innovations I picked up scanning the change logs since the product was launched:

Oct-20 Easy/Powerful UI switch
Sep-20 Annular Cutter support
Jun-20 Ability to Optimize Stickout and Tortoise Hare Slider
Jun-20 Concierge Machine Profiles: We’ll build a profile for you
May-20 CADCAM Wizards now choose from Tool Crib
Apr-20 Fusion 360 Tool Import
Apr-20 Tool Crib filter by operation type
Feb-20 Safe Mode
May-19 Tool Crib Inventory Management Features
Apr-19 Tool Crib UI Overhaul
Apr-19 My Shop
Apr-19 Helix Angle support
Dec-18 Gage Block and Sine Bar Calculator
Dec-18 Increased GW Lite power limit from 1 to 2 Horsepower on 1 year and 3 to 5 HP on 3 year.
Nov-18 Improved Setup Wizard for New Users
Jun-18 Major UI Update, incl. Color Themes
Jun-18 Tool Deflection Calculations handle Flute length and tapered shanks
May-18 Hardness Conversion Calculator
Apr-18 Lollipop Cutters
Apr-18 Lathe Threading Wizard for Manual Lathes
Mar-18 New Thread Calculator adds UNM, UN STI, ISO STI, Pg, UNJ, Metric MJ, Whitworth, BA Threads, and more
Jan-18 Blind Hole Clearance Calculator for Tapping
Dec-17 Graphical Tool Icons Everywhere
Jul-17 Simple Mode on Machine Setup
May-17 Polar to Rectangular Coordinate Calculator
Feb-17 Tool Families
Jan-17 Ultimate Cheat Sheet
Jan-17 Unit labels on all Feeds & Speeds fields
Jan-17 Entry menu for Plunge, Ramp, and Helix Feedrates
Aug-16 Corner Rounding Endmills
Aug-16 GD&T Applet
Jun-16 Vacuum Table Mini-Calc
Jun-16 Softwood and Hardwood Databases
Jun-16 Getting Started Tours
May-16 PCD Tooling
May-16 ToDo Wizard
Feb-16 Graphical Tool Selection Menu
Dec-15 Shared Preferences
Oct-15 3D Surface CADCAM Wizard
Jul-15 Added Thread Mill Feeds & Speeds
Jan-15 Data Grids allow you to customize sort order and what fields are showing
Oct-14 Mach 3 tool table support
Oct-14 Support for large tool tables including performance and search
Apr-14 Peck Depth for drills
Apr-14 Mill-Turn Support for Lathes
Feb-14 Added History and Search functions to Material DB
Nov-13 Major UI Update
Oct-13 Machine Hourly Rate Calculator
Oct-13 CADCAM Estimator product announced
Sep-13 Increased Internet disconnect time from 2 weeks to 4 weeks
Sep-13 Added Job Cost Estimation to CADCAM Wizards. This would eventually become G-Wizard Estimator
Aug-13 CADCAM Wizards
Apr-13 Cutting Force Indicator
Oct-12 Fits and Tolerance Calculator
May-12 Servo and stepper motor sizing calculator for DIY CNC’ers
Apr-12 Added downcut, compression, and straight flute router cutters
Nov-11 Added dovetail cutters
Oct-11 Added V-Bits
Oct-11 Spindle Power Curves
Oct-11 Parting and Grooving Tools for Lathes
Jun-11 Plunge Roughing
Mar-11 Ramping and Interpolation Mini-Calcs
Mar-11 Chatter Calculator
Mar-11 Small Machine Rigidity Comp
Mar-11 Tortoise-Hare Slider
Mar-11 Electrical Calculator
Mar-11 Through Spindle, Programmable Coolant Nozzle, and High Pressure Coolant Support
Feb-11 Thermal Expansion Calculator
Jan-11 CSV Import/Export of Cribs and Cut KB
Nov-10 Tool Data Management
Nov-10 Micro-Machining
Nov-10 Material DB
Nov-10 First Customer Requested Material: Machinable Wax
Nov-10 Cut KB
Nov-10 HSM Feeds and Speeds
Oct-10 Cut Optimizer and Tool Deflection
Oct-10 Tool Crib

Most of this is still not available in any other software even though it’s been available in G-Wizard for years.  There’s a reason why we’re the market leaders and this site gets 8 million visitors a year.

Some specific areas I pay particular attention to with examples:

  • G-Wizard supports way more tool types than any other software.  Just days after 1.000 shipped, I was adding Form Taps and Carbide Taps.  We added the special tools that are unique to routers (downcut, compression, and more) in 2012.  We do all manner of drills and saws–I just added Annular Cutters a few weeks ago.  As long as there are new tools, we’ll keep adding them.
  • We are interested in Radical Simplification.  I overhaul the UI constantly to improve it.  And where possible, we totally re-imagine how things should work.  Our CADCAM Wizards are the simplest (and paradoxically most powerful) approach to Feeds and Speeds ever.  And yes, you guessed it, years later nobody else has them.  It’s probably because we used AI Learning Algorithms to create CADCAM Wizards, and that’s not something the average software developer can do.
  • We are user-driven.  You’re the boss, when it comes to new features.  Yes, we innovate our own ideas too, but so many of the best things about G-Wizard are customer driven.  That’s why we offer to add materials and machines upon your request.
  • We want to offer a complete solution.  We realize there’s more to machining than just Feeds and Speeds, CAD, and CAM.  So G-Wizard has a ton of utilities and databases for you and we add more all the time.  Our Thread Calculator is one of the nicest ones out there, and it’s free to G-Wizard users while in Beta Test.  Same with our G-Wizard Estimator for job quoting, and our G-Wizard Tool Crib for Tool Inventory Management.
  • For Beginners, we’re all about simplicity.  For Pros, we’re all about making you a competitive threat in your market that others will run from.  We’ve helped make individual shops tens of millions of dollars.  We can help you.  You’ve spent lots of money for options on your CNC machines like high pressure through spindle coolant.  No other product supports all those features as well as we do in G-Wizard.
  • CNC Routers are a world of their own.  You don’t want the same old stuff that’s been used for metal-cutting VMC’s.  You need your own features.  Special Cutters, Materials that match your needs like our Softwood and Hardwood databases, and special calculators like our Vacuum Table Part Pop-Off Calculator.  G-Wizard is the only full house solution for CNC Routers, large and small.
  • The Pace of Innovation.  I have set the bar high here at CNCCookbook.  We originate tons of new ideas and we get them built so you can take advantage.  Many of those ideas come from you.  With so many customers and site visitors, we’re in an unparalleled position to benefit from the Wisdom of Crowds.  It’s a real competitive advantage.

That’s enough on this.  I’m the proud papa of the software and I’m beaming. There will be a lot more exciting news for G-Wizard in the months ahead, so stay tuned!

Hope you will enjoy the sale.




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