I just uploaded G-Wizard Calculator version 5.011 and it is a major milestone.  For the first time CADCAM Wizards have the capability to select tools from your Tool Crib.

This has been a heavily requested feature, as CADCAM will by default choose the ideal tool.  If you don’t have one on hand, you have to fiddle with it to get the results you want.  Now, you can give it a Tool Crib that only shows the tools you are using and it will stick to those for Solid Endmills.

Note: It doesn’t support crib selection for indexable tooling, twist drills, or geometries other than endmills such as Chamfer, Reamer, or Spot Drills.

I view this first release as a Beta Test.  Use the feature at your own risk and let me know if it is acting up so I can fix it.  After it’s been out for a short while I will turn on the upgrade flag, assuming no serious problems are revealed.  Meanwhile, here’s the download:

Go to Download Page

Once you’ve downloaded and installed, here’s how it works.

Go to CADCAM Wizards and select the Setup tab–it’s right next to the Face Mill tab:

The red arrows show the Setup tab as well as the Tool Crib dropdown where you select the crib to use.  Select “<No Crib>” if you are not going to use a Tool Crib.

Once you’ve chosen a Tool Crib, just run the CADCAM Wizards as you normally would.  Here’s the pocket wizard showing crib tools selected:

As you will see, it tells you the tool’s description from the crib as well as which crib it came from.  If you double click a row in the results, you’ll be taken to the Feeds/Speeds tab with that crib tool selected and all the other parameters populated.

If a suitable tool cannot be found (nothing small enough or perhaps no ballnose where one is needed), you’ll get a message in the DFM area like this:

Next Steps

I have a bright future with a number of enhancements planned for this feature.  For now, please try it out and let me know how it is working for you.

In future releases I will be looking to:

  • Allow selection of all tool types from Tool Crib.
  • Allow a list of cribs in preferential order.  For example, the tool changer, then tools in stock, then approved tools you could purchase.
  • Allow various “special upgrades”.  For example, if there is not a suitably sized twist drill, but there is an endmill that could interpolate the hole, G-Wizard will automatically make that choice for you.

And lots more!




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