StopwatchA number of people use G-Wizard Editor to give them accurate information on how long their g-code programs will take to run.  Accordingly, I made a number of improvements to GWE version 1.37 to make it more accurate.  For example, there is a new simulator adjustment on the Machine Profile page that lets you apply a percentage fudge factor to the time calculations for each machine.  Typically, GWE is too optimistic due to acceleration issues–machines frequently can’t accelerate the cutter fast enough to travel at the the specified feedrate.  We’ll be looking into adding acceleration in various ways to GWE’s calculations in Q12014, but for now, the simulator percentage adjustment can help quite a bit.

There are other potential sources of error besides acceleration.  Another form of correction can be made using the “Min Word Time” adjustment on the Machine Profile.  Min Word Time is the minimum amount of time allocated for each block.  For older machines and slow controls, it can be helpful to bump this value up slightly.

There are some other fit and finish improvements in 1.37 as well as some bug fixes based on customer feedback.  If you’re using GWE to calculate timings for your g-code programs and you know the actual time spent, let us know if GWE is not predicting your times accurately.  I want to focus on making it as accurate as possible through Q1 2014.

You can download the latest GW Editor from it’s download page.  If you haven’t tried GW Editor yet, check out our free 30-day trial.


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