I just uploaded G-Wizard Calculator version 4.997, and it has a number of enhancements.

The most visible is a new filtering option for the Tool Crib.  Click the icon of a Tool Holder at the top right of the Tool Crib and you get a popup menu showing all the different kinds of operations:

Select an operation and the crib will be filtered to show only tools appropriate for the operation you select.  This is particularly powerful when used in combination with the “All Tools” checkbox at the top of the Tool Crib tab.

As an example, if you select the “Hole” operation, you’ll get all manner of drills, but also Reamers and other Hole Making Tools.  No endmills, even though you can interpolate a hole, as it wouldn’t be much of a filter in that case.

Other features of this release include a bunch of new conveniences and bug fixes to make the product more friendly to metric users.  For example, I went through and added unit indicators to all CADCAM Wizard fields.  Remember, you can click any unit indicator on a field to toggle G-Wizard between metric and inches mode.

There are a lot of other minor refinements and bug fixes that were motivated by customer feedback.

I’m still hard at work on getting CADCAM Wizards to limit tool choice to what’s available in your Tool Cribs.  Some of this work was a necessary by-product so I wanted to get it into your hands as it was completed and tested.



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