Fastest Path to Awesome Feeds & Speeds [ New G-Wizard Features ]

Recently updated on May 23rd, 2023 at 02:45 pm

Wow, I’ve been busy on G-Wizard Calculator lately!

I’m trying to make the onboarding process much smoother for newcomers to get try the product and come up to speed.  That has involved creating a special First Time Setup Wizard that simplifies setup even more and I am also creating a series of demo videos to really help folks come up to speed fast.

I want to start with my new demo of CADCAM Wizards.  They’re the Fastest Easiest Way to get Awesome Feeds & Speeds, and the feature is absolutely unique to G-Wizard Calculator.  Nobody else has anything that’s even close.  Check out the demo video:

Getting started with G-Wizard for the first time is also radically easier.  Check it out:

There are a ton of other little fit and finish details in this latest, which is G-Wizard version 4.53.  At the moment it is a PC-only optional release.  I am going to give it a week or two to make sure it is tight, and then turn on the auto-upgrade switch.  If you want it in the meanwhile, you’ll need to manually download and install it.

These latest releases use brand new digital certificates, so if you get a certificate warning, just uninstall your prior release with the Windows Control Panel and then you should be able to install the latest.


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