It’s that time again: please help!

Every 2 years we have to renew the Digital Certificates on CNCCookbook software.  These certificates are there to protect you by verifying the software really is what it claims to be.  Your computer’s operating system and antivirus software check that digital certificates are valid and up to date.  Keeping G-Wizard software secure means having up to date Digital Certificates.  But, digital certificates expire after a few years. 

The current G-Wizard’s certificates will expire at the beginning of 2019. Before that happens, we want to make sure you’ve successfully transitioned to a version of G-Wizard using the new certificates. Switching is easy, and you’ll quit getting this message as soon as you’ve switched.

To get the latest version, simply do the following:

1. Using Windows Control Panel, uninstall G-Wizard.  It’s critical to do this rather than just deleting G-Wizard.  
2. Download G-Wizard with new certificates using the button below.
3. Run your newly downloaded version to install and you’ll be back up and running.

That’s all there is to it, the whole process just takes a minute or two. All of your preferences will still be in effect from the prior version. If you have any questions or encounter a problem, contact me for help via email to

G-Wizard Calculator with Latest Digital Certificates:

Download G-Wizard Calculator for PCs