No matter what you’re building that involves using our G-Wizard Software (Calculator or Editor) to make it better, we love to hear from you.  This week’s customer story is about Ridgeline Enterprises, which is making what may be the ultimate case for the popular Arduino single board computers.  They’re offering the Arduino cases for what look like reasonable prices for good CNC work via Kickstarter.  The cases are very solid and from the Kickstarter article, it looks like they were first created so an Arduino could be used to control a custom toolchanger project.  Here is one of Ridgeline’s cases:


Whittled from a solid block of aluminum via CNC milling…

These cases are substantial and designed for practical tough duty use.  You can see any LEDs or whatever else through the clear cover.  Side openings allow for cable connections.

A number of our customers are very active on Kickstarter and have found it to be a succesful vehicle for launching their product ideas.  Considering our recent surveyed revealed that the vast majority of our readership like to design their own products, it’s good to have a marketing channel like Kickstarter to help generate revenue for these ideas.

This is probably also a good time to talk briefly about the Arduino.  I referred to them earlier as single board computers, but they’re more properly single board microcontrollers.  These little gizmos are a gadget maker’s dream come true.  As Wikipedia puts it:

Introduced in 2005, the Arduino platform was designed to provide an inexpensive and easy way for hobbyists, students and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. Common examples for beginner hobbyists include simple robotsthermostats and motion detectors. It comes with a simple integrated development environment (IDE) that runs on regular personal computers and allows users to write programs for Arduino using C or C++.

Nice to have a solid case for your next Arduino project.  Check out Ridgeline’s Arduino case over on Kickstarter.


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