Here’s a non-tool CNC project I found on MAKEzine. I love it because it combines workshop skills used in a novel way with another of my favorite pasttimes: cooking. I’ve seen articles before that are similar. The idea is to use the CNC to create a food mold of some kind. In this case, they’ve made these wonderful little white chocolate skulls and used a walnut for the brain. Cool!

skull truffle halloween candy

Full details on how these were made are in the MAKEzine article. In this case, the artist sculpted the skulls from polymer clay and then made a silicone mold from the clay. I could see making the little skulls from aluminum if you had a 4th axis. They’d be cool little desk ornaments as well as serving as a way to create the silicone mold for the candy. Who’s got a 3D model for a skull?


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