You’ve heard what they say about Chuck Norris?  Guns carry him for protection.

Listen: Chuck’s got nothing on you, because you’re a CNC’er.

You’ve got CNC Machines, welders, air tools, belt sanders, grinders, and every other imaginable tool in your arsenal.  You can make almost anything in your shop.  Man Cave?  Forget about it.  You make things that would be the envy of any Man Cave.  Heck, you can make Man Caves all day long.  Show me a fully decked out shop that is clean, well-organized, and well equipped–now that’s a Man Cave!

Can Chuck Norris do this stuff?  I doubt it.  What you can do very few others are able.  You are only limited by your imagination, and there’s a big bold world out there full of new ideas to wake up the old noggin’ and get those creative juices flowing.

My question for you is simple:

2016 starts tomorrow.  What are you going to make in 2016?

What’s the next step in your ultimate evolution as a CNC’er?  This post is all about getting fired up early with some killer ideas.  Choose a broad area of interest, then narrow down to find a project that really turns you on.

Take some time.  Research what has gone before.  Do some design sketches in your CAD software.  Personalize it so it has your stamp.  Then go for it. Make that one really cool thing that you’ll always remember having done in 2016.

Tell us in the comments if you’ve got something exciting planned, but meanwhile, here’s some ideas from the CNCCookbook Pinterest scrapbook:


Got a 3D Printer?  Right on!  There are so many cool projects you can do:  3D print an electric guitar, make a whimsical tape dispenser, or print the mind boggling Mobius Gears.  Don’t have a 3D Printer?  Build one!  It’s not that hard and they’re great to have around.  We love the CNCCookbook Rostock 3D Printer we built.


Are you a CNC Router lover?  Then there are so many possibilities, especially if you like working in wood.  Drawer organizers, making a bicycle frame from wood, wooden clocks with exposed gearing, slick folding chairs, and furniture details are all possible, unique, projects for Router CNC’ers.


Interested in Furniture?  Here are 3 really offbeat ideas sure to please the mind of a CNC’er.  You’ll need sheet metal skills, possibly a plasma cutter, or just good old fab skills and the ability to machine a few parts to make pieces like these.  You might need to fire up your CNC to create a set of dimple dies for the table on the left.  And who wouldn’t love to have a rocking chair like the wild design on the right for their back deck?  It’s perfect for a CNC Plasma Table.


Maybe your ride is your passion.  Oh my, you are such a Lucky Dog!  CNC’ers have the best ability to pimp their rides with custom parts, engravings, and features ever.  Get a theme like the Brass Knuck’s motorcycle parts.  Make your bike lighter and cooler than the guy riding next to you.  Do something crazy with the shifter knob in your muscle car.


What about some seriously cool Pocket Lint?  You know, the kind of thing you have with you all the time so that when someone hears you’re into CNC and asks what you make, you just dip in, pull it out, and watch their eyes bulge.  You’ve got your EDC items, everyone should have a bottle opener, how about a Titanium Whistle, your own one-of-a-kind pocket knife, an Uber Cool flashlight, or there is always your version of the world’s ultimate whiskey flask.


Guns Real or Imagined.  Movie props and cosplay accessories like the Steampunk Blaster or Deckerd’s Bladerunner pistol are great CNC projects.  Customization of real firearms is also a very real possibility.


What about some unique jewelry or other adornments?  CNC is tailor-made whether you want a men’s ring with the tread pattern of a high performance tire, a card player’s iPhone case, a simple Lego charm, or the 3D printed “Melted Wax” pocket square.


The list of projects you could undertake in 2016 is nearly limitless–Black powder BB cannons, scale running engines, speakers, dice from exotic materials, an AR-15 Beer Stein, pocket lighter branding iron, exotic chess sets and desk organizers.  You’re a CNC’er.  There’s very little you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

What’s new in your shop for 2016?


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