Happy Holidays, CNC’ers!

Okay, I admit it.  I have seen a lot of Black Friday sale announcements.  On the one hand, I get excited when things I am interested in go on sale.  In fact, I have a list of things I hold back on until they go on sale.  Gotta make those dollars stretch as they don’t seem to go as far as they used to!

On the other hand, so many things to choose from.  So many deals to go over.  Why doesn’t someone make this a little easier for me?

If you’re a CNC Beginner or Hobbyist, I created a special page of the deals I think make the most sense for you:

[  Special Deals for CNC Beginners and Hobbyists ]

If you’re a CNC Professional, or Advanced Hobbyist, here are my recommendations:

Special Deals for CNC Professionals ]

There’s lots more on sale, but the sale will end Sunday, Dec 7.  To see all our deals, visit our cheapskate page (hey, we’re all cheapskates at heart–stand tall!).

Please do your CNC friends a solid: pass along the news that we’re having a sale.

They’ll appreciate hearing about it.  Don’t make ’em wait until they’re looking at the software you just bought and have to tell them they can no longer get the sale price.  It’s easy, click the Facebook buttons, Share the story on Facebook, send an Email, post on your favorite CNC Community, or just mention it the next time you see them.


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