Big news on two fronts.  First, I just made a new video on what it’s like to work with a Big Tooling Company on Feeds and Speeds:

Second, I’ve uploaded G-Wizard version 5.094.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a G-WIzard release–much longer than normal.  That’s because I was working with this company and incorporating everything I learned into this new release.  Most of it involves improving usability, but there’s also some out and out improvements to the Feeds & Speeds Engine.

If you’re a G-Wizard user, you can download that release here:

As I mention in the video, there are so many changes I am making this a Beta release.  It’s optional until we verify everything is working well, and I will keep the prior version as the default on that download page.   Press the 2nd, lower button to get this newest Beta release if you want to try it out.

Here’s a quick list of the most important updates in version 5.094:

– Added TiB2 (Alumastar) coating type.

– Added Hardlube coating type.

– Added AlCrN coating type.

– Tool Crib search now searches when <Enter> is hit.  Used to require a mouse click.

– Tool Crib search will now ensure that when it finds a result, the result is visible in the grid.  If nothing is found, it will popup a “Not Found” message.

– Restored some of the fields that were being hidden in Easy Mode:  Adj. Chipload, MRR, and Eff. Dia.

– CNC Routers limit CADCAM Wizard cut depths to 1 x D in any metal.

– CADCAM Wizard’s Machine limits on end mill size will be ignored if user overrides by selecting a tool.

– Cut Width and Cut Depth are in Red if value is 0 to remind user to set a value.

– Fixed a bug that prevented changing Tool Table in popup Tool selector for Feeds/Speeds.

– Added the ability to double click a tool in Tool Crib lists to select that tool for Speeds/Feeds.

– Fixed an off by one error when searching in Tool Crib.

– Improved Feeds and Speeds for solid endmills with over 4 flutes.

If you try the Beta, let me know how it’s working for you.  Please by all means let me know if you encounter problems with it so I can fix them and take it out of Beta soon.


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