GWCInACanI’ve uploaded a couple of minor feature releases of GW Calculator lately and wanted to bring you up to speed on what new goodies are there.  First thing is the latest release is GWC version 2.38 and it is available for download by clicking this link.

Now let’s go over what all is there:

New Grooving/Parting CADCAM Wizard

There’s a new CADCAM Wizard aimed at Grooving and Parting operations for lathes.  Here’s what it looks like:


Like all our CADCAM Wizards, the Grooving/Parting Wizard is designed to get you a complete plan of action for machining the feature with as little effort as possible.  Tell it the part OD, the ID where the Groove or Parting should stop, and optionally the width of your tool and whether it is carbide, and it’ll give you back a Feeds and Speeds formula that covers the RPM, Surface Speed, Feedrate, IPR, material removal rates, and estimated time for the operation.  Nice N’ Easy.

Drilling Peck Depths in Tips and Enhanced

Peck depth is how much deeper the twist drill can go before stopping to peck (retract and go back down).  Knowing the best peck depth is import when peck drilling to make it as efficient as possible.

We first brought Peck Depths to the CADCAM Hole Wizard.  Now you’ll get Peck Depths in the Tips on Feeds/Speeds as well:


In addition, the Peck Depth calculations have been enhanced to include Through Spindle Coolant, Hi-Helix Bits (Use the HP selection), and Micro-Drilling.

Mill-Turn Tool Selection

Lots of folks have been after me to help them with Mill-Turn machines.  Earlier versions of GW Calculator forced you to either strictly use a Mill or a Lathe, and you couldn’t get access to endmills on the Lathes.  Tool Cribs could not be mixed either.  All that has changed.  Lathes can now be Mill-Turn machines and there are endmills available on the lathe Tool Menu:


That should stop a few people from pulling out their hair and trying to pull mine out with it!

If your feature isn’t out yet, hang in there–I never forget a suggestion.  Lots more to do here, and I doubt G-Wizard Calculator will ever be truly “finished.”  I am getting close to finishing the features promised in our beginning of the year roadmap.  My focus is on knocking those out on GWC so I can turn my full attention to GWE for a while.



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