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With the New Year fast approaching, many CNC’ers will be looking at whether to make a change in where they’re working or how to advance more quickly with their current employer.  Here are 3 helpful resources to help you kick start your CNC Career in the New Year:

The 15 Best Web Sites for CNC Job Search

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Full speed ahead on job searches with these 15 Internet Resources!

The Internet gives you unprecedented visibility into where the jobs are, so use it to your fullest advantage by checking out these 15 sites.  Even if you’re not looking for a new job, it pays to be aware of what level of pay and benefits competitors are offering.  Just be sure you’re comparing apples-to-apples: stick to jobs in your geography with similar skill requirements.

50 Interview Question Ideas for CNC Jobs

Can you fill the shoes the employer needs you too?

This article has been super popular on CNCCookbook since the day it was published.  It’s a great way to brush up on your interview skills and if you’re an employer, you’re getting 50 great ideas to ask about the next time you interview a candidate.

CNC Skills Inventory

CNC Skills Inventory

Whether you’re looking to grow with your current employer or thinking of seeking a new job, it’s important that your skills look good compared to whomever you’re competing with.  More skills often translate to better pay and advancement.

We analyzed a couple of hundred CNC Job Listings, together with over 20 recommended skill sets for CNC Operators, Programmers, and Machinists to create our CNC Skills Inventory.  There were over 130 different skills discovered in our detailed research.  The Skills Inventory is timely and comprehensive in that it shows what CNC employers today are looking for when they hire.

We’re just launching this new resource with this article.

Take our CNCCookbook Skills Inventory to see how many of these sought-after skills you have.  

Take the Skills Inventory


Just click through that link to take the inventory.  We’ll publish the results of which skills most folks have so you can see how you stack up.

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