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I often do an end of year round up article to let you know the most popular articles of the past year, but this year I wanted to do a better job for you.  So I thought hard about exactly how to measure “most popular”.  

The challenge is that some articles are popular more because of Google’s Search Engine smiles on them than anything else.  And some genuinely earned the title.  To sift through and find more of the latter, I decided to ignore Google’s results entirely.  

Instead, I focused on the combination of which articles were the most clicked through from our newsletter together with how long you spent reading them.  So an article not only has to look interesting in the newsletter, it has to actually be interesting enough you spent a fair amount of time reading.

I was really happy with the results and hope you will be too.  Here they are:

11 Ways to Locate Part Zero on Your CNC Machine

One of the first things you have to do before you can begin machining a part is to tell the machine where part zero is.  Part Zero is the datum corresponding to the 0, 0 coordinate on the CAD drawing that you used for all your CAM work or to generate the g-code for your part program.  

Every CNC machinist needs to be able to do this simple step, and often having more than one way to do it is helpful.  The amount of effort involved is not the same for each one, and some are better for special cases while others are more general.  Understanding the whole arsenal of methods will help you to become more efficient by selecting the best one for each job.

Definitive Guide to Spindle Speeders and High Speed Spindle Attachments

Spindle Speeders, Speed Increasers and High Speed Attachments can be the perfect cure for a problem you’ll encounter surprisingly often.  As I will show in a moment, they can increase your machine’s throughput by 5x or more in the right circumstances, so they’re well worth checking into.

Why Venture Capital has set its sights on Manufacturing

There are VC’s circling Manufacturing like hungry sharks.  And there’s blood in the water that will only attract more of them soon.  “VC” is short for Venture Capital or Venture Capitalist.

Learn here what’s got them so excited about Manufacturing.

Definitive Guide to Tormach Hacks, Modifications and Upgrades

In the hobby and entry-level CNC machine world, Tormach’s mills are ubiquitous. They may not be the highest performance machines out there–but they are a tremendous value and so they’re like the Chevy Small Blocks in the engine world. It’s not the same as a Ferrari V12, but you can keep one running cheap and build it up to be amazingly powerful. And like the Chevy Small Blocks, there are hot rodding options galore for the Tormachs.

Slitting Saw: Arbor, Blades, & Speeds and Feeds Calculator [Easy Guide]

A Slitting saw is a handy but somewhat delicate tool for certain kinds of cuts. They come in a variety of sizes and are typically made from either HSS or Carbide.  Here’s your comprehensive guide to Slitting Saws from the basics, to Feeds and Speeds, to Tips and Techniques.

A Perfect July 4th CNC Story [ Entrepreneurship at its Best! ]

What would the perfect July 4th CNC Story look like?

Of course it has to involve CNC, but I think also a story of hope, possibility, and potential would work.  A story about how you can still succeed and win big manufacturing products in the USA also goes hand in hand with the Fourth of July.  Finally, a story that starts from some adversity that would stop a lot of folks from even trying.  Those are the ingredients I’d choose.

You couldn’t ask for a better fit than the story of Colin Wayne, a 28-year old disabled vet who has made it big with his CNC business, Redline Steel.  

Improve My Feeds and Speeds For

Plunge Milling / Roughing: CNC Secret Weapon [ 2018 Complete Guide ]

Have you got a tough job ahead, either because your machine is too lightweight or because of challenging geometry on the part (deep pockets, for example)?  If so, maybe Plunge Milling (also called Plunge Roughing) is the answer.

Best CADCAM Software for CNC Beginners & DIY Hobbyists

This article teaches you step-by-step how to go about choosing the best CADCAM software for you.

15 Reasons Cutters Get Broken on Small Machines

This article gives you the top 15 reasons cutters get broken and 15 cures to save you from breaking cutters.

Definitive Guide to Lights Out Manufacturing in 2018

21 Tips to help you get started with Lights Out Manufacturing.

8 Brands for the World’s Best Screwdriver and Best Screwdriver Set

Can I be honest?  I have always had a fetish for the “World’s Best” of anything.  The beauty of the World’s Best Screwdrivers is that unlike the World’s Best Car or World’s Best Piano, almost anyone can afford to own one.  And after you’ve tried one, you’ll realize how great they really are.

Improve My Feeds and Speeds For


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