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Here’s one of the most valuable pieces of insight about growing your business website’s traffic you’ll ever come across, yet I’ve never seen it stated so succinctly anywhere else.

Websites have a traffic lifecycle and they need a different growth strategy that is based on where they are in the lifecycle.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a nice infographic that summarizes what I’ve just said and provides the next level of detail:

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Your website’s lifecycle of traffic growth…

As you can see, there are three unique stages.

  • Content Critical Mass:  Where you’re trying to make sure your site has enough “there there” that visitors will stay and remember to come back.  In fact, if you’ve done it right, many of them will actively sign up to join your mailing list, granting you the right to remind them whenever you publish a new article.
  • Borrowed Traffic:  This is the stage where you have a site worth visiting, but it’s hard for people to find it.  The site is too new and weak to rank for searches on Google.  So you must borrow you traffic.  If we look at it in terms of ancient history, this is the hunter-gatherer stage.  It’s expensive to grow and the techniques you use must largely consist of promoting your content on other sites.
  • SEO Hypergrowth:  Once you hit this stage, civilization has mastered agriculture and the real growth of your traffic can begin.  Search engine traffic is the cheapest traffic to get.  It scales the best.  But you can’t get it until your site can rank for enough good keywords.  That typically means achieving a domain authority of 30 to 40 during the “Borrowed Traffic” stage.

To learn more about these stages and how to master them, visit my entrepreneur’s blog and check out the full article:

Blueprint for Growing Traffic Each Stage of a Website’s Life


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