A while back I built myself a welding station from a rolling tool cabinet, some 1/4″ steel plate, and some firebricks:

Welding Station with my Miller Synchrowave Tig Welder

The fire bricks support the steel plate to insulate it from the cabinet below.  I just spied a photo of the Miller ArcStation, and it’s giving me thoughts of a better Welding Station:

There’s a lot I like about the concept, but specifically, what would work well in my shop would be:

– The shields around the periphery

– The integrated “X” mount clamping system.  I have a Kant-Twist plate clamp that works with my drill press’s T-slots and I love it.  I could see something similar for welding.

– The whole thing is on casters

– Room underneath for the welders and other gear

– Torch rack on the right

– Integral vise mounting

I’m thinking it would be easy to extend my existing table to include a second bay, make room in that bay for my gear:

–  Miller Tig

–  ESAB plasma cutter

–  Yet-to-be-acquired Mig

I would put a bottle rack on one end and put my Oxy-Acetylene, Tig Argon, and CO2 Mig bottles in there.  I’m thinking I’d use the same leveling casters I used on my Mill Enclosure project, though maybe just at one end and put some big easy rolling wheels at the other end.  Some other innovations I’d consider would be some kind of extensible rack I can do plasma cutting on top of and a dedicated ‘trode grinder for the Tig (not that I ever stick a trode in puddle much).  It’d be nice to set the cart up to have one compressed air and one 220V connection as well as all the right hooks, racks, drawers, and shelves so everything has a place.  Lastly, it’d be sweet if the table was at the right height so I could weld sitting on a stool and there was a good place to put the Tig pedal.

I’m thinking that with a little work and ingenuity, and just a tiny bit more floor space, I can make my welding and fabrication activities dramatically more organized.


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