Time to blow off a little steam!

They say anything worth doing is worth overdoing, and a machinist with a well-tooled shop is in a position to overdo a lot of things. I recently came across a site called the Spudgun Technology Center. What a hoot!

First, a spudgun is a homemade device that shoots potatos. The same technology has been adapted to shoot ping pong balls, T-shirts at rock concerts, empty 2 litre soda bottles, and probably an assortment of other crazy things (see the women’s garter shooter below). They’re fun, probably somewhat dangerous (we hear a lot about NOT using PVC for air systems because it gets brittle, but I don’t know if these spudguns last long enough to get brittle). Spudguns can be powered by compressed air or combustion (propane and air or some such explodes in a chamber to produce the push).

Anyway, check out some of these examples from SPTC. Seems like just the project to get your kid interested in machining, or to blow off a little steam on a weekend.

Bolt action spudgun

This bolt action model was done by a machinist…

Spudgun Mortar

This mortar is wicked looking. It was made for paintball events. Hopefully they don’t have spuds dropping from high altitude on people’s heads–paintballs would be better!

Garter Tosser

This one is a garter tosser for a wedding. What machinist would want to get married without such a device handy?

Bait caster

Would you believe a bait caster made for an 85-year gentleman who likes to fish but needs a little help? Heck yeah!

Big Spudgun

Anti-aircraft spudgun? WTH?

These people are crazy, but it looks like they’re having fun. Check it out.


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