I just uploaded G-Wizard Calculator version 4.69.  This is a Production release for PC’s only (not ready for Macs yet), so if you want to play with it, you’ll need to manually download and install it.

There are corresponding releases for GW Editor and GW Estimator, that add these new features there too.  You can download all of these from our Troubleshooting page (or the normal product download pages as you wish).

Please download and install for all of our software that you use so they will all be in sync.

If you’ve been using the Beta releases, there’s quite a lot new in this latest.

My Shop: Define which machines you have in your shop

For example, the machine selector has added a new tab called “My Shop”:

“My Shop” lets you focus on the machines you actually have without forcing you to scroll through our long lists of machines.  It comes up with the last machine you selected in your shop.  To add more machines, click the “All Machines” tab, find them, and use the “Add” button.

Setting up your shop this way will save countless keystrokes if you use more than one machine.

Helix Angle & High Helix Endmills

We’ve now added “Helix Angle” to the tool geometry for users of High Helix End Mills.  It gets factored into our feeds and speeds and especially our tool deflection calculations.  The data is based on real measured cutting data, which is a step up over implementations that use calculated approximations.

Shapeoko with Carbide Compact Router

There’s a new machine profile that supports the Shapeoko with Carbide Create Router.  You’ll need to press the download button on the machine profile page to grab it.

New “Probe”, “Other”, and “Empty Holder”  Tool Types

These new tool types were suggested by a customer and I agree, they do come in handy. These are all non-cutting and give 0 rpm, 0 ipm feeds and speeds.

Tool Crib Bling

The big news in this release is more Tool Crib Bling:

The Tool Crib is split into two panes.  Select a tool on the left and see it’s detailed properties in the right pane.  You can still scroll the list on the left, but having two panes makes it easier to see more at a glance and it follows the practice of most CAM software.

There are graphical icons representing the Tool Types.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the icons will make it easier to tell at a glance what kind of tool you’re selecting.  They’re pretty cool!

I overhauled the way the Tool Type selector works.  It now displays the integrated geometry too.  This also makes it easier to tell at a glance what tool is in play.

I reordered the field list to match best practices of leading CAM software.  You may need to reset the fields by double clicking any field header to get the popup.  Click the button to “reset to factory defaults”.  This new layout works better with the two panes as well.

I redid the popup tool editor in the crib to give it a cleaner more roomy layout.

The other thing is I’ve added two new fields to capture Overall Length of a tool as well as a tool’s “status”.  Tool Status will be used to help manage inventory. It’s values include, “OK” (OK to use), “No Consumable” (needs sharpening or new inserts), “Broken”, “Service”, “Other”, “Borrowed”.

Look for lots more Tool Crib goodness going forward.  And, if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see added, drop me a note to “bob@cnccookbook.com.”


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